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Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Interrupt These Flowers...

I was hoping to wake up early enough to spend some outdoor time before the rain started. Nope. Home at 8 am, couldn't get to sleep till 10 and awoke at 2. While I was eating something the rain began. Sometimes hard, sometimes gentler, always steady.

Well, it's spring, right? Rain is good. Glad it wasn't all this hard, though.


The trees are waiting for that sweet juice from heaven. A little warm weather and they will pop their green and white and pink.


My kingdom is soggy today.


But it will make short work of the last of that white stuff out there.


I am soon going back to bed with a book. Palm Sunday tomorrow! And probably back to sharing the southern flowers.

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Ann said...

We had a little rain yesterday morning and then it got really nice. Today was beautiful all day. I guess we need to enjoy it now because I hear it might snow again on Tuesday

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm it luks like yoo kan ekspekt to hav lots and lots and lots and lots of may flowers after that!!! ok bye

rainfield61 said...

Juice from the heaven is always good especially after a severe drought.

vanilla said...

Particularly nice shots in the rain.
(I'd have been hunkered down indoors.)

Lin said...

I'm tolerating the rain in hopes that the greens start really popping. So far, the forest preserves are still pretty brown.

Secondary Roads said...

My weather station (aka body) doesn't care for this kind of weather. Not even a little bit.

Unknown said...

This is like the Winter that we have had Joan. We had day after day after day after day of it. No snow at all this year but my goodness the sky cried floods onto every nook and corner of our shores.

Anonymous said...

rain like that, especially during the spring frost, makes me a bit worried about flooding.

RNSANE said...

Reminds me of Indian monsoons, when there is never a let up in the rain.

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