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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All Good But Tired

Today, I saw some colorful tulips, kittens on a porch, and a mouse running across my floor. I didn't get a picture, not even of the kittens.

I'm headed for an early bedtime in hopes of a full, productive day tomorrow. I'll leave you with an interesting branch in the Baldwin River (taken last week).

branch in river

I'm feeling ever so much better, but still not able to eat very much. I think that finally caught up with me to make me so tired. Hoping for even better tomorrow.

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Ann said...

Lucky for the mouse that the kittens on the porch didn't see him.

That branch has a rhinoceros horn

vanilla said...

Up, up! You have so much to do. Seriously, feel well right away.

Secondary Roads said...

What a delightful branch. It presents opportunity for myriad interpretations.

Lin said...

Pretty photo. I'm sad you didn't get a photo of that mouse.....;)

Hope you are feeling better soon! Boy, whatever got you, really GOT you.

RNSANE said...

Nice photo, Joan. Good to always have a camera at the ready!

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