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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sheep Ranch Pathway Hike

I have to increase my walking, quickly, because Marie and I have a real hike coming up at the end of this month. So today, I went to Sheep Ranch Pathway and hiked for a couple of hours. It's not a particularly interesting place to hike, but I found some gems to share with you.

One of the best spots is where you access the Baldwin River. You've seen this same location before, but this is a prettier picture. A little sun brighten things up.

Baldwin River

I didn't park in the access area, but went to the north end, parked along a dead end road and hiked the opposite direction from my usual. That will make any familiar area seem a little different. And, of course, one should never make assumptions about what will be found. Remember how excited I was to find pipsissewa locally, last fall? Well, there is a small patch along this path. How cool is that?


More to be expected, but always a treat when I find it blooming, is trailing arbutus. Small flowers hide under the leaves. It's one of the first woodland flowers to bloom in the spring.

trailing arbutus

And here's a mystery. This shrub was growing in standing water. It almost has to be some sort of willow, and these the fully opened pussy willows (male catkins). So pretty!

pussy willow

This is no mystery. Last year's fallen leaves at the bottom of a puddle completely covering the trail. Oh well, they are still pretty.

fall leaves

Tomorrow I need to start getting serious about carrying some weight as well as walking. No joke.

See Good Timing at Sheep Ranch Pathway
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Anonymous said...

Hiking is definitely something I need to start doing more of, went on one last weekend and pretty much felt like I was going to die.

Secondary Roads said...

That talk about serious hiking makes me think it's time for a nap. Just kidding. Love the colors in the arbutus blossom.

Unknown said...

Good luck, Joan. Our walk today was only about 15 minutes in Baiter, the park that runs on from Poole Quay along the shore of the harbour. Today being a Bank Holiday here meant that we had to share it with lots of people. Since we got home Jade has got some more exercise with a bald tennis ball, while I have been working.

Ann said...

Love the little flowers, those are really pretty and that bush is very unique. I've never seen anything quite like that

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