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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's All Coot


It's all coot, or gut, or good, or cute, or something.

Did the last of my work cases today, and saw this American Coot, Fulica americana. He wasn't nervous about me at all. I was quite close taking these pictures.

American Coot

American Coot

I'm working on reports and the last of the packing. Should be good to go in the morning!

P.S. to all my blog friends- I'm sorry, but I got behind on reading yours this week in an effort to get ready to leave. I'll catch ya' later!

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Ann said...

I knew you could pull it off on time.
I guess that Coot must be used to being around people.

Secondary Roads said...

Okay! Have a wonderful time on the trail. The rest of your trip too.

vanilla said...

It's all good. Have a great time!

Ratty said...

I've never seen a coot before, so it's a nice one for me. Have a nice trip.

Unknown said...

Enjoy the hike. Great coot pic. We have those here too, but don't call them American, so there may be differences.

RNSANE said...

You get more done than anyone I know. I am always running out of steam these days. I need to get out an walk, just a few blocks, for heaven's sakes...but I never do. I have two months before I leave for India and I'm determined to start walking..nothing strenuous, just a few blocks every evening after dinner. You are an inspiration!!

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