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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hike Food!


My schedule for doing picture-taking work got changed, and that left me with today to get busy on preparing food for our big hike, coming right up. So I got busy! I had done the first round of shopping last night, so there was plenty of stuff to work with. I never try to get it all on one trip, because there are always some tweaks to be made to my original menus. I get a big chunk of what I need and then refine as I go.

Loaded the dehydrator, and unloaded and re-loaded several trays as the day went on. I'll do that before bed again. What you can see (I didn't pull out all the trays because it wanted to tip) is bottom to top: strawberries, veggie plops (my own recipe), peach slices, shredded beets, shredded cabbage, cucumbers, salsa. You can't see more veggie plops and some yogurt-fruit leather.

dehydrator full of food

Because we are doing the backpacking portion of this trip as light as possible, we aren't going to carry the stove. This means we need more cold meals. Most of them are based on some kind of cracker for the base. I got all those things packaged to travel, and started adding the extras. I have quite a few salad recipes we like. We DO like our veggies! And then we give ourselves some little dessert- fruit or chocolate or trail mix. Here's how far I got with that sorting.

table with backpacking meals being sorted

We also have a snack every mid-morning. I started packaging those, too.

table with backpacking meals being sorted

An exceptionally good bit of news is that I had purchased a new cartridge for our water filter and then forgotten. So that is all set to go!

Tomorrow I have to work pretty much all day, but hope to return to this project in the evening.

See Getting Serious About Hiking Food
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The Furry Gnome said...

You are one seriously organized hiker! My favourite is the mid-morning snacks -GORP!

Ann said...

looks like you have this down to a science. The veggie plops sound interesting. Would love to hear more about those

vanilla said...

Happy hiking!

Secondary Roads said...

It certainly takes a lot of planning and preparation for a successful and enjoyable hike.

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