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Monday, May 19, 2014

Food and Gear

The food is done. Here is all of it, with the exception of a block of cheese I'll buy the day before we start walking. The total weight came in at a little less than our usual, and that's good. We won't go hungry. Each package is a meal or a snack.

backpacking food

Then I divided it by when we'll use it. The cardboard box holds the lunches and snacks for day hiking. The blue box is the short backpacking piece, and the clear box is the longer backpacking piece. Doing that at home prevents mistakes made by trying to sort later, in a hurry.

backpacking food

I've started sorting the gear, but don't have that done yet. This is not all of it...

backpacking gear

Still too many things on the list for tomorrow. I have a few work cases left to do, too. How, how, how??? Somehow it will all get done. Managed to postpone one major thing till I get home. That helped! And, strangely, now the lawn tractor tire seems to be holding air again, so I don't have to get that off and delivered for repair either. I suppose it will be flat when I get home, but it didn't go down today, so who knows?

I did manage to walk with the pack (first time since before I was sick), and that went ok, but it wasn't nearly long enough. Finished the last of the antibiotics, and I seem to be able to eat everything again. I've only eaten small portions of some things that are major staples of our hiking menus, though, so I'm mainly hoping that all will be A-OK by Friday.

Pretty much out of steam for today. I got a second wind mid-afternoon, and managed to get quite a bit more done. I suppose I could get a third wind, and do more yet tonight, but right now it doesn't feel like it!

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Ann said...

love how you organized it all

Lin said...

WOW! You certainly are very prepared. I am amazed that you can carry all that for so long.

I hope you are feeling strong for your hike and that you get it all done. It's exhausting getting ready, isn't it? But SOOOO worth it! I'm excited for you to get on the trails again.

Secondary Roads said...

I'm amazed at the detailed organization and planning that goes into your upcoming hike. Seems quite obvious that you are an experienced veteran at this activity.

Unknown said...

So glad you're better. Hope it all goes well and is worth all that preparation.

RNSANE said...

Congratulations...you have accomplished so much. Really, it's good you are so organized and able to keep on top of things. Of course, how many time have you done this over the years?

Take care of yourself and get some rest, though!!

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