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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bowman Lake Hike

Went out for a hike this morning with potentially a new hiking buddy, Rachel. She's our new pastor's wife. We had a great time, and naturally hike at about the same pace, so we hope we can make this work. She has three small children, which will be the biggest scheduling issue. But today was great, if a little chilly.

We went to one of my favorite places, the Bowman Lake Semi-Primitive Area, and hiked the loop trail.


Still not much of any green plant material. Crazy! But Bowman Lake was looking green. Surprising, since the sky was overcast and gray.


We've had some big winds this winter, and these two cottonwoods did not survive.

broken trees

But this old oak didn't seem to have any damage at all. I love the twisted branches.

oak limbs

We hiked a little over six miles and then ate a quick lunch by the lake, but it was too chilly to sit still very long. We're now saying "May showers bring June flowers." Just a little adjustment needed.

Answers to yesterday's puzzle: The first is asphalt siding. Everyone got that right. Chuck was closest on the second. It's a weathered fuel oil tank, with lichen growing on it.

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Catherine said...

That is quite a hike!
I certainly hope May showers bring June flowers!!
Blessings, Catherine

Ratty said...

A hiking buddy sounds fun. I have always wanted someone around who would hike with me sometimes, but everyone I know doesn't have the same appreciation for nature that I do.

rainfield61 said...

A buddy who have the same pace is just terrific.

May "May showers bring June flowers".

Ann said...

Finding someone who walks at the same pace you do is half the battle.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Have to agree finding a walking partner is difficult, our group is a mixed bunch, I class walkers as Giraffes or penguins - I like to think I am in the middle, Giraffes are long leg, no effort 4+ miles an hour, Penguins are short leg 2 miles an hour, me I can do 4 miles an hour but I find we miss so much. We don't let George the giraffe lead - he took the group once and we were back home in a blink with a lot of lathered up folk saying never again, we keep him reined in and in reserve just in case we need a runner :)

Secondary Roads said...

I like the adaption of the old saying. I'm still waiting for tulips to blossom. I think we need a warm sunny day to bring them out of hiding.

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