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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Goodbye to Sue - Day 120

  Today, I said goodbye to Sue for now. Her month of watching over me is finished, and she did a great job. She will be missed. Although when I show you the next helper that arrived (I'll keep you in suspense till tomorrow) you won't feel too sorry for me.
hiker with two dogs

Of course, this means I had to also say goodbye to Sophie and Annabelle. I don't think I should ask my new helper to lick my face. Of course, I never have to ask Sophie or Annabelle.
dog licking a person

We have enjoyed the hospitality of a host of hosts since my last day off. Yes, I took a rest day today. The day began with ice, and although it warmed later, I would have had to hike a shorter day. I was feeling very tired, and decided to actually rest.

Anyway, here are the most recent people who have graciously offered us a place to stay, and often fed us as well. The first is Carie (and Wade who had already left for work). friends

Next up was Shawn (and Charlie). friends

Then Trudy (and Mark). Trudy also hiked with me for part of a day. friends

After that, we went to Susan and Layne's house. friends

Yes, we've moved a lot. Where we stayed for longer times before, the trail curved around a location. Where it's more linear, we have to move more often or the drives get too long. Also, I'm never posting our current location to somewhat protect our hosts' privacy. But we sure appreciate those of you who have let us stay on your property. You are making this adventure possible.

Finally, since I didn't hike today, I met Tom Moutsos for lunch. He's the (relatively) new Regional Trail Coordinator for Ohio and Pennsylvania. We had a great chat, and a mighty good meal. friends

Tomorrow, it's back on the trail. I'm ready.

See Cook Forest State Park


Ann said...

Aww, Sophie is so sweet.
Glad there have been so many helpful people along your route.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful bunch of people helping you along the way. Glad you took a rest day and didn't venture out in the icy conditions. In suspense waiting for the next post... April

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- she sure is!

April- I really needed the rest.