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Friday, February 17, 2023


  Long-time readers know that I treat myself to a trip about this time of year as often as I can. The dates are coming up in a couple of weeks. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Yes, it's the Philadelphia Flower Show! The 2020 one was cancelled at the last minute. I can hardly imagine the economic fallout from that. Venors and exhibitors plan their displays a year in advance. 2021 and 2022 were held at an outdoor venue on a smaller scale. This year it will be back at the Philadelphia Convention Center. I have high hopes.

Here are some of the past themes from years I've been able to attend. I'll just show one picture for each year- not enough to even give you a taste. I always come home with enough pictures to fill the blog for several weeks, so be prepared! All of these pictures are the entry display for the listed year. These displays are big and bold to set the theme.

2019 was "Flower Power." 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show

I wasn't able to go 2016-2018, but in 2015 the theme was "Celebrate the Movies" Philadelphia Flower Show 2015

2014 was another year I couldn't afford the trip, but 2013 was "Brilliant." I know this looks like a street scene, but these displays are all inside the Convention Center with 5 acres of floor space. Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

"Hawaii" was the theme of 2012. Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

2011 was "Springtime in Paris." Philadelphia Flower Show 2013

I also attended in 2010- "Passport to the World," and 2009 was my first one, although I guess I didn't write down the theme of that one. It might have been "American Roadsides." The blog photos from those years are on a now-defunct server, and I'm too lazy to try to search back for the originals. I'm sure you get the idea from the above photos. If you want a longer preview, the link below will get you all Flower Show posts from all the years. There are a lot of them! There's nothing better than being overwhelmed with plants and flowers and ingenious displays at the bleakest time of the year.

This year's theme is "The Electric Garden." To me that sounds like it will be super colorful, which is just what I need!

In other news: I did all the usual stuff plus took my car to be serviced. It needs one more thing next week, but hopefully that won't meet with any glitches.

See Philadelphia Flower Show


Ann said...

I knew right off it was going to be the flower show.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- you are my MOST faithful reader!