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Friday, February 24, 2023

I Missed One!

  It's a wonder I haven't been taken to task by one of the North Dakota trail people. A couple of days ago when I shared the patches I earned in 2022 on the North Country Trail, I left out the Dakota Challenge patch for hiking all of North Dakota. In my defense, I can only say I did forget, but I found it today while looking for some other things. I'm still missing one pile of stuff. It must be hiding in my car.
hike all of North Country trail in North Dakota patch

In other news: I worked on some projects and spent 2 1//2 hours doing errands and getting my car serviced. After I got home, I decided I didn't feel so great, so I just vegetated. Nothing terrible, just kind of blah.

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Ann said...

Rather than saying you forgot this patch you can just explain that it was so special it deserved it's own post :)
Hope you're feeling better today. I hate those blah days.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- good idea! It is special and I'm embarrassed that I forgot. It represents 400 miles