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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Another trip in the Way-Back Machine

  Someone was looking for pictures from the 1969 Youth for Christ Conference. We have some. It was the YFC's 25th Anniversary. The venue was some big hotel in Chicago. So, I hunted through old slides and scanned some.
Youth for Christ Conference 1969

I was just a tyke of 21, but Omer was staff, so there we were. The annual conferences were a big deal through the years. They were in various cities all over the country. There was always rich Scriptural teaching, workshops, events for the wives (remember, this was back when women were just beginning to be treated as more than decorations).

The speaker for that special anniversary year was Billy Graham, who was also the very first YFC employee in 1944, way before he was famous.

I want to point out that the woman to Billy's left is Grace Wolgemuth. Her husband, Sam, was president of YFC at that time (you can only see part of his head through the flowers). Over the years, Grace became a special friend of mine.
YFC 1969 conference

These are some pretty awesome memories, all thanks to a request for pictures from that event.

In other news: I worked on research and did a little bit of writing for Vacation from Dead Mule Swamp. Omer took two 4-foot tall stacks of dead electronics to be disposed of, and I did errands.

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vanilla said...

Precious memories. Billy Graham spoke at a chapel service, Seattle Pacific, c. 1053. U was a sophomore (I think).

Sharkbytes said...

Vanilla- I think he was the most dynamic person of the 20th century. I am praying the 21st will have someone similar. It's not too late. BG began his ministry in the 1940s.