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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Sunrise Spectrum

  I just liked the smooth gradient of colors in the clear sunrise this morning.

I worked on most of the projects today. I had hoped to finish the entries for the yearly "Excellence in Craft" contest with Michigan Outdoor Writers Association. I'm never sure if it is worth the effort because it is SO tedious to get the entries into the format required for the contest, and include all the right stuff with each one. If you have something wrong, they do not give you a chance to correct things, you are just out of that contest for the year. I haven't won something every year, but more often than not.

Well, I am planning on having 4 entries in 3 categories. I got 2 of them done, but I am still missing one little piece of info for the other 2 entries. Once I get those, it won't take much longer to submit them.

And I spent a lot of time on the photo database. I'm having to do a lot of review. I've forgotten an awful lot about how to set up many-to-many queries. I'm trying to find the answers without having to pay money. It's annoying, because I used to know how to do this.

Nevertheless, I got a lot done. I can always just continue to add photo data even if I don't have the queries running correctly yet.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Beautiful sunrise. I rarely see one. I'm always at work before the sun comes up.