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Monday, February 27, 2023

Ice- Not So Nice Today

  Ice is really beautiful, but today it interfered with things I needed to get done. Here's the mood my backyard was in today. The link below lists all posts with moods of my backyard.
ice covered trees

The light was so flat and even all day that I took two pictures of this scene, one at noon and one about 5 pm, and they are exactly the same.
ice covered trees

After noon, it warmed up just enough to make things less treacherous, so I did a couple of errands, and one more big bag of recycling went in the car. I finished getting the 2022 financial records in order. We lined up 10 boxes of stuff for Om to take to Goodwill this week. And you still won't be able to tell that any significant amount of stuff has left the house. Sigh.

I have an online meeting tonight. In the morning, I just have to shower and do one more errand. Then I'll be on my way to the first stop, Ann Arbor- stay tuned.

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Ellie said...

Will you be speaking in Ann Arbor? I live in AA and would love to meet you sometime.
We are still recovering from Wednesday's ice storm, with nearly 100,000 households still without power in SE Michigan thus morning. I hope hour ice storm isn't as serious.

Ann said...

Everything looks so pretty covered like that but I'm not a fan of the ice.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Oh boy! Our Dada says too much snow can be a problem, but to REALLY mess things up all you need is an inch or two of ice ..."

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ellie- not this trip- I'm not nearly organized enough for a program yet.

Ann- it was icky today

Lulu- yes- fortunately this didn't last long.