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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Best Pictures of December 2021

  I now have all the pictures I took from December 2021 in the data base. I'm going to get a few more from Bill on Tuesday, but as of now there are 1049 entries and 920 of them are ones I took. From those, I've chosen what I think are the 8 best pictures to share again. I am calling them "best," not because they necessarily tell the story best, but because I think they are simply the best actual photographs. I've left them full size, so you can click on them and see them larger. That always makes photos look better.

I'm sharing this one first because it's so inviting. Even though it's a dirt road (E Drive N south of Battle Creek), it suggests the fact that this was a hike.
dirt road with trees

Speaking of Battle Creek, it's really hard to get pictures of cities that look decent, so I'm pleased with this one.
Battle Creek

The sunset over Gull Lake was worthy.
sunset over Gull Lake

In contrast, here is a hazy, frosty Baw Beese Lake
Baw Beese Lake

The frosted shrubbery, including red-osier dogwood along the pathway in Homer was stunning.
frosty boardwalk

There are two shots from the Lew Campbell Tallgrass Prairie in northern Ohio, mostly because the light was simply wonderful that day.
Lew Campbell tallgrass prairie

The other one features Deb Matthes and the award-winning pup, Willow.
hiker in tall grasses

The final entry for December is along the Miami-Wabash-Erie Canal at Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Long time readers know that I've usually shared what I think are my best photos of each year. But I think I'll have to do a post for each month for 2022 because there are so many pictures. Hope you don't mind.

I spent the day trying to get things in order to leave on Tuesday morning. I have 5 large bags and some smaller items of recycling that can only go to Ann Arbor. I have a large box to deliver there as well. Those are in the car. I'm working on packing and trying to get the 2022 financial records finished up.

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Ellie said...

CAn I ask? Where are you off to on Tuesday? I assume that it is too early to go up to the UP to finish your hike.

Ann said...

They are all good photos but the one that drew me in the most was the cattails .