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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge

  We did something so interesting today that I have to blog about it instead of the Flower Show. Even though there was a really stiff wind, we walked across the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. A pedestrian lane has recently been added. You were never allowed to walk or even bicycle across it before. It's now part of the Empire State Trail, which I was on briefly last May. See Back to Canals.

The traffic was loud, but the ped lane is separated with a concrete barrier, so you feel safe enough.
Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge

This is a bridge across the Hudson River. The new thing I learned today is all wrapped up with what I thought I learned yesterday. The mountains that I said were the Shawangunks are not. The ridge you can see along the right side (west) of the river in this picture are the Gunks.

Amtrak runs down the east side of the Hudson.
Hudson River

On the return walk, well, WOW! There were the mountains I showed you yesterday, way too far north for the Shawangunks. These are part of the Catskills. I believe it is Overlook and Plattekill Mountains (3136 feet and 3500 feet), but after yesterday's epic failure at identification, maybe you shouldn't trust me. I'm pretty sure this time, though. That dark blue ridge you can just see above the guardrail is Blue Mountain.
Overlook Mountain

Anyway, we walked almost 3 miles. The real challenge was that the wind made it difficult to even stand up on the return walk.

See Loving the Mountains


Ann said...

That's some view you get from the bridge.

Sharkbytes said...

Yes! The gray was rather dramatic, but a sunny day would be awesome