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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Philadelphia Flower Show - Chandelier

  This was another of the major commercial displays and was created by Arrange, Floral, and Event Design of Haddonfield, NJ. Their premise was that electricity is an element of nature such as lightning and fireflies. They created a fanciful chandelier.
Philadelphia Flower Show Chandelier

Here's a closeup of the middle.
Philadelphia Flower Show chandelier

One of the drawbacks of the "electric" theme is that the colored lighting masked the natural beauty of the plants- in this exhibit, the falls of orchids. This was the one complaint our group had over and over about this year's event. But sometimes the theme just seems to create inherent problems.

One reason Marie and I left so early yesterday to go to the train station was that I asked if we could drive up on the east side of the Hudson on the Taconic Parkway. I had been on it once before and knew a little about it, but I wanted to cement more of the info in my head, so that is my new thing to learn for the day. It is a partially limited access highway that is only open to passenger vehicles (like the Blue Ridge Parkway). It follows the edge of the Taconic Mountains, and is scenic in nature.
Taconic Parkway
I knew it was old, but now I know that it was envisioned in the 1930s by Franklin Roosevelt. Gilmore Clarke, a New York architect designed it. He also designed the Central Park Zoo and the landscaping of the 1939 New York World's Fair.
Taconic Parkway

The Taconics are geologically part of the Appalachian Range although they are often mistaken as part of the Catskills and/or the Green Mountains of Vermont. This is a view across the Hudson with the Catskills just peeking out below the clouds.
Catskill Mountains

I didn't sleep much Friday night. Last night I was on the train and slept intermittently. Everything on the whole trip went well, but the net result is that I'm too tired to even focus my eyes. I think I need to go to bed and listen to something until I fall asleep.

It was a wonderful trip- back to work tomorrow.

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Ann said...

That's some display.
Amazing view on your drive.

Arta said...

Mr. Clarke also designed Belle Isle in Detroit.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I was glad we could take that drive before it got dark.

Arta- that's neat!