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Friday, March 3, 2023

Walking Rachel to Work

  Five of us walked Rachel to work this morning. She's "Senior Manager of Learning Experiences" at the Franklin Institute.
Franklin Institute Philadelphia

I always like this huge art installation that is just around the corner. It's called Reflecting Wind. It's made of polished metal squares that can move with the wind. A movie would better show what it does, but it shimmers in breezes similar to a water surface. Even in a still picture you can see the patterns that form.
Reflecting Wind art

Of course, Philadelphia is known for its row houses. This is a nice-looking street. It's much wider than most of the residential streets. For example, the street Dave lives on is one way with a parking lane on each side. The one traffic lane is just barely wide enough. Delivery trucks can get through, but people typically fold in their mirrors when they park.
Philadelphia street

Some of the spring trees are already in bloom. I didn't walk down the block to check what kind this one is.
pink tree in bloom

We walked home on the Riverwalk beside the Schuylkill River. This is a really nice urban pathway.
Schuylkill River

And I got what may be my favorite water pattern picture yet.
pattern on the water

Dave had to go to a funeral, Mia went to school, and Rachel worked and then had an evening practice. But the rest of us mostly ate meals and played games.

Today was the longest I've walked since I got home- close to three miles.

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Ann said...

Sounds like a really nice day