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Sunday, March 5, 2023

The Garden Electric

  This will be a very skimpy start on Flower Show pictures.
flower show poster

The entry wasn't nearly as fancy as usual. It was divided off like a room of its own with a scrim. That's a fine-mesh cloth that you can't see through unless there is light behind it. There were two big floral towers- one on each side.
Philadelphia Flower Show

I think maybe it was supposed to look like walls of an outdoor courtyard. Maybe. What they did do was have lights inside the space that changed colors. When you were inside the Exhibit Hall looking back at the entryway, all the large plants inside the entry were silhouetted in the changing colors.
Philadelphia Flower Show

There will be lots more sharing of flower exhibits in the weeks to come. This is just a tiny taste.

We all lasted until almost 5 pm, then headed back to Dave and Rachel's for dinner. At the last minute we realized there was no dessert. Dave went out hunting, but all he could find on a Sunday night was a fancy cake, so we jokingly celebrated all the spring birthdays.
birthday cake

Tonight we said goodbye for now to Pam and Larry. Larry is Marie's brother. Their daughter, Melanie, came this year too.

And, I actually managed to collect Dave, Rachel, Anya, and Mia together for a family picture of them.

Long day, but all good.

I'm sure when I have time to think about it, there will be a lot of new things I learned at the flower show today. Right now, the one that stands out is that I did not know coleus grows in a sort of shrubby or clumpy form with tiny leaves as well as the familiar varieties we all put in gardens and window boxes. They seem to be all the same species, though: Coleus scutellariodies. This cultivar is called 'Copper.'
copper coleus

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Ann said...

That Coleus is really pretty.
That's some fancy cake you had for dessert.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- and it was really delicious too!

evelyn said...

Thanks for the photos!