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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Philadelphia Flower Show - United in Our Pour

  This was another of the major commercial exhibits at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The creator was Black Girl Florists, a franchise. The purpose is to "tell the story of collaboration and floral talent poured out from each of our individual experiences."
Philadelphia Flower Show- United in Our Pour

There were long spills of flower arrangements as if being poured out of barrels. I loved the little boy being awed by the color and blossoms.
Philadelphia Flower Show- United in Our Pour

It wasn't all pink and red.
Philadelphia Flower Show- United in Our Pour

At the end of the display was this sort of backboard with flowers flowing up it. We weren't sure we liked the painted philodendron leaves, but it certainly is colorful.
Philadelphia Flower Show- United in Our Pour

As you can see, most of the pours were heavy on shades of red and purple. There were a few yellow accents, but this bouquet was unique. You know I like yellow, and the variety of textures and shapes really appeal to me.
Philadelphia Flower Show- United in Our Pour

Marie and I walked at the mall today with a friend of hers. My new fact for the day (learned from her friend) is that you can take a passenger train all the way from New York City to Montreal, Quebec. One of the stations is Port Henry, NY, which is basically at Crown Point on the North Country Trail! He was also familiar with sections of the NCT in the Adirondacks. That is quite unusual.

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PamDDO said...

The train between NYC and Montreal has not run for the past couple of years, but previous to that, we used it several times to bring our folding bikes to and/ or from our home in Montreal to various locations in the U.S. We went all the way to Jacksonville, FL, and cycled from there to Key West, for example. Pam (2bikes4adventure)

Ann said...

Interesting displays.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Chaplin: "We hear taking the train can be fun. Our Mama and Dada used to take the train to Old Town San Diego to go to their favorite restaurant down there, but then the restaurant closed so they don't do it anymore."
Charlee: "It didn't close, it just moved. The train doesn't go there anymore but it's a much shorter drive. So they still go, but they do kind of miss the train ride now and then ..."

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Pam! Nice to hear from you. I read an article that says the train is starting up again, but who knows what's really true, eh?

Ann- hardly anything at the show is "ordinary"

Charlee- it's harder to get to a place by train when the train doesn't go there.