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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Philadelphia Flower Show - Eye Candy

  Another of the major commercial displays, by Schaffer Designs of Philadelphia, was called "Eye Candy." Their sign said we should share the electric energy of this floral sugar rush. It was a walk-through exhibit with a lot of "store windows." One was possibly the best single display of the show for complexity, but some of the others were not nearly as good.

The good one was "Cotton Candy." These three girls are dressed in plant material, with a lot of cotton as the medium.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

Here's a close-up of the boots, purse, and ground cover. Also, check out their hair.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy
I thought the next best window was "Ice Cream." Here's the catch line- works pretty well for me after "hiking solves everything."
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

The ice cream cones were clever. This display was boy manekins with waffle cone shirts and flower-icecream heads.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

The sprays of soft serve were really delicious looking. This is chocolate, and you can see a bit of vanilla behind it.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

Another of the better ones was for cake- we usually see icing roses. Here the flowers are real.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

And I'll incude the lollipops because they are literally electrice. There were 3 or 4 other window that were fine, but didn't seem as great to me.
Philadelphia Flower Show Eye Candy

Today's new fact is tied up in the game Marie and I love called Quiddler. I knew that you could make words like shrive, shriven, shrove, shrived... but I did not know if shrive was also a noun, so that you could have a person who is a shriver. The answer is yes. And, I won that hand.

They all come from Middle English- to shave, because a penitent often shaved his head as a symbol of shame. To be shriven is to be shaved or to take confession. A shriver is one who is penitent, a confessor.

The familiar phrase, "to get the short shrift," refers to being given only a short time for confession because the sentence has already been given and is usually harsh, such as death. Yikes! We usually don't give it that bad a context any more.

Oddly enough, "shrivel" comes from a completely different root- from Norwegian for wrinkled.

I am blogging early because Marie and I have to leave for Albany very soon, and I'll be on the train tonight. Tomorrow night I'll be blogging from home if all goes well.

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Ann said...

Very creative displays. Love the cakes.
I have never heard the word shrive before. I learned something new.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Ann- I think I've read shriven most often.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "I can see where they got the cotton name from. Those look almost good enough to eat!"
Java Bean: "What do you mean 'almost'?"
Charlee: "Our Dada thinks the ice cream cone one looks like some kind of zombie where they got taken over by a plant and are now seeking to spread flowers all over the world."
Chaplin: "Ehh, there are worse things they could be spreading ..."