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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sterling Marsh Again

  Today, Loren and I hiked through Sterling Marsh on the NCT. The water is quite low, but it's always a beautiful walk. Sterling Marsh

Way out in the open water there is a covering of water lilies. The vertical stripes are mostly hard-stem bulrush. water lilies on a marsh

Here is one of the boardwalk sections. We didn't meet a single other person out there today. It was just us and the mosquitoes! boardwalk

A lot of the sedges are in fruit right now. This is one of my favorites, because it's so showy, Carex intumescens.
Carex intumescens

And this was a new one to me. Pretty sure it's Carex flava, sometimes called hedgehog grass. Carex flava

If you want a showy fungus, how about Stacked Hydnum? stacked hydnum

And if you prefer something delicate, here is Unicorn Pinkgill. unicorn pinkgill mushroom

We hiked about six miles. North Country Trail Miles for 2021 is at 352.

In other news: I am quite a bit poorer, but I have brand new, shiny, very good tires on my car. I went to the store and also did some more cleaning. I'd try to be a little more poetic or literary or something, but I'm tired.

North Country Trail, Lake County, MI. Jenks Road TH to 96th St and back. 6 miles total

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Ann said...

interesting finds today.
I need to get brakes o my car. I keep forgetting to call and make the appointment.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- brakes are good to have! :D

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