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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Neon Trees

Today was a work day. Occasional blue skies! Neon trees?

OK, they only look that way. And only from one direction. From the east, they are just stark against the sky.

stark trees with snow

But just a slightly different angle, and they look like they have lighted neon branches.

stark trees with snow

stark trees with snow

Can't you just see it in hot green?

stark trees with snow

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Secondary Roads said...

Amazing and beautiful! There's got to be a parable in that, don't you think so?

vanilla said...

Interesting lighting job. The green is different, all right.

Ann said...

As much as I dislike winter I have to admit that it sure can be pretty. I do like your splash of green though. I miss green this time of year

Lin said...

I love how each branch caught and held onto the snow! Isn't it amazing how the snow falls and sticks in different ways depending on what kind of snow we get?

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- in the hot green, or seeing it from a different angle?

vanilla- maybe it's a hundred caterpillars

Ann- maybe it's fluorescent lichen

Lin- that's just it. It sticks differently

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