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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Step 7 and Some Perks

We've worked on Step 7 of the Freezer Project in little pieces all week, but it appears that the entire thing is DONE. The final part of Step 7 was putting the recycle tubs back in place, which I did this afternoon. Along the way there was a lot of cleaning (not everything... but everything that had been moved). That includes a good cleaning of the dehydrator. Much overdue, and it took a while.

Now for a couple of perks of the new freezer. Just as a reminder, here it is again.


It's currently fuller than in this picture because, this week, the refrigerator decided to develop a problem. Thankfully, it can be fixed, but while the part is being ordered all the small freezer stuff is also crammed in the new chest freezer.

Today, when I want to the pantry to get something from the new freezer, I realized two wonderful things about the new one.

#1- It has a light. I knew that, but hadn't thought about the fact that I won't have to turn on the room light to get something from the freezer. Nice.

#2- I never thought about this perk at all until... When I opened the lid I automatically leaned forward to rest the lid against the top of my head to hold it open. Wait! I don't have to do that any more. This lid stays open by itself. Nicer! That old lid was so heavy it could give you a headache. And the stick we kept handy to hold it open for longer searches in the depths had a nasty habit of popping out and dropping the lid on the searcher.

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Glynis said...

Catching up on your posts. Loved the snow scenes, and pic of you both!

Ouch, so pleased your new freezer is not so cruel!

Ann said...

I had one of those freezers years ago that you had to hold the lid up with your head. Pain in the butt

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Joan I had to laugh at the thought of the freezer lid being held open by your head or a handy stick, thank goodness I swapped my old chest freezer for an upright - taller than me and does not seem to hold as much as the old one but we have grown used to it (thank goodness) :) it still needs a good sorting out though !!!

Lin said...

I would think that a light and a prop would be standard on such things. No?

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