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Monday, February 18, 2013

Where Do You Want to Go?

No spectacular photo today. No rare bird or interesting plant. Just some rows of corn stubble in the snow. But don't they look like paths? They just make me want to pick one and follow it wherever it goes. Does it only go to the end of the field or somewhere else? What if?

corn row stubble

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Secondary Roads said...

It look like an invitation to me. "Follow me!" it seems to say.

What if that path extends beyond the boundaries of that corn field? Where would it transport the explorer? Would it lead to exotic worlds of fantasy or mundane scenes of daily toil?

Makes you want to lace up your boots.

vanilla said...

Interesting picture, generating interesting speculative thoughts this morning.

I find the planting pattern to be unusual. Is that a standard in your area?

Ann said...

There's a corn field I pass every day and I always think it would make a nice picture.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- you got it exactly!

vanilla- no that's not a normal pattern. That's why I noticed it

Ann- I love the regularity and patterns of planted fields.

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