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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Almost Good Timing at Timber Creek

hikers in woods
Eight people and four dogs headed north from Timber Creek Trailhead on the North Country Trail. As you can see, most of the colors are gone from the trees. Lots of brown crunchiness underneath, though!

After some indecision about plans (should we carpool to the next road and walk back?) we decided to just walk out and back.

dogs in orange vests

The dogs were all decked out in orange because it is small game season, and archery deer season. Most hikers don't have any qualms about sharing the woods with these kinds of hunters. They look at what they are aiming at. In fact, we interacted with a group of guys from North Carolina who had four springer spaniels with them. It was quite a doggy few moments!

people under tarp

We hiked about five miles all together. But my luck on timing ran out. It started to rain with about a mile yet to get back to the trailhead. When we got there, the guys put up a tarp, hauled out some chairs (this was all pre-planned), and made us a dry space. Does this sound a lot like our September meeting in the rain? Well, at least it wasn't raining THAT hard!

pans on camp stove

It wasn't long until some hot dogs and beans were heating on the camp stove. We enjoyed a hot lunch, looked at pictures from one of the couple's trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, and even chatted with the hunters some more.

I did get a few colorful pictures, but I'll save those for tomorrow.

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rainfield61 said...

Look like the dogs are joining a hiking competition.

Ann said...

A day outside, breathing in the fresh autumn air and ending it under a tarp dining on hot dogs and beans. What a perfect day (well maybe minus the rain)

mizztraveller said...

Wow dear u really have a quality day .

Love it

Ferd said...

What a Quality Day!!!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Anything eaten out in the woods tastes better than the same thing eaten indoors.

betchai said...

love the picture of the hiking dogs, they are lovely

jeanlivingsimple said...

Y'all are so dang organized and prepare well for the impeding weather. I am happily learning from your blog.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- well, when we met the other 4, it sure looked like it might escalate to a competition.

Ann- the rain wasn't bad... it was a LOT of fun. I like hiking alone a lot, but sometimes it's good to share the experiences

winter gurl- welcome! I work on a Quality Day every day!

Ferd- you bet!

Dennis- absolutely- bacon, deer guts, stolen hot dogs...

betchai- they always have a grand time. I missed getting little Corky in the picture.

Jean- well, the hike leader brought all that stuff. This time, I didn't have to do any planning. I just showed up.

damp said...

I’m sure it might have be one of the coolest day out.