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Monday, October 4, 2010

(Not an) Ash- Left and Right Brain

large cherry tree

This is a large cherry tree that grows just across the railroad tracks. It has a lot of character in any season. It's just starting to get some color.

tree barkIt's so large that the familiar diamond pattern on ash bark is almost breaking up. My left brain wanted you to get that identification, ok? A year later, I've looked more closely at this tree, and it's some kind of cherry. But, at this size and with this bark, I'm not sure which one. See Mystery Tree- It's No Ash for more.

But, yesterday evening, I glanced outside before sunset, and my right brain saw the most amazing sight!

large cherry tree in sunlight

The slanting light was just hitting the trees back there in an extraordinary way! Here comes my favorite.

large cherry tree in sunlight


rainfield61 said...

Wow, the fighting between right and left brain.

Secondary Roads said...

I do hope the emerald ash borer doesn't get that beauty. I lost all of my ash trees to that blight. Sigh.

betchai said...

glad to see both right and left brain working in those photos, all unique and lovely in their own way.

Ann said...

so glad your right brain caught a glimpse of that. It's beautiful. Not much sunshine going on around here and the colors aren't looking too good.

kwattro said...

the sight is simply amazing shark. very nice shots

spinninglovelydays said...

It's gorgeous! No turning of the leaves for us over here. :(

Spinning Lovely Days

RNSANE said...

They are beautiful trees. I haven't noticed them before though I must have seen them in Colorado and not realized what they were.