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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maggie Says - Ruby Creek is Wet

Ruby Creek fishing platform

Mom surprised me yesterday, because she got her daypack and my leash collected so fast that I didn't realize we were going out until she put my pad in the back of the car. There were lots of turns on the way, which aren't my favorite, but we made it to Ruby Creek before I got sick to my stomach. (Whew)

I like going new places, and I think Mom does too. This place has an outdoor room with a roof and tables, and a big deck thing over a pond. There was a sign that said "Catch and Release." How do I know what it said? I can read of course. I am a very learned dog.

interpretive sign

This sign talks about some of the work that was done to make Ruby Creek a special place for fish. I like fish. Well, I like fish when they are dead and I can roll in them and eat them. They are pretty scary when they are big and swimming.
salmon in stream

So we walked along this nice creek for about 1/2 mile, and I got a little drink at the edge, which I like to do. Then we came to a bridge. This is where the story gets bad. Oh, so very bad. It was a terrible bridge made out of two poles with metal grates nailed on top. I don't do that kind of thing!

Mom just walked across it and expected me to go through the water to get to the other side. She KNOWS I don't like to get in the water. She said it wasn't deep and to hurry up and come. So I did. I am a good girl. We went to the end of the trail and came back to the bridge. Now this is the part that is SO AWFUL. Mom thought that I should go through the water again.
Ruby Creek

Not on your life! That water was moving fast. She tricked me into crossing it before, and I wasn't going to do it again. I ran up and down the bank, almost all the way back to where the trail begins. I barked. I pleaded with mom to not make me cross that horrible, noisy water. But she is really mean sometimes. She just clipped that leash on me and dragged me through the water back to the other side of the creek.

And then, she had the nerve to be mad at me because she had to get her feet wet! She was so annoyed that she didn't even take another picture of me. Humph. I love my mom, but today, she wasn't very nice. I know you will agree.

See A Walk at Ruby Creek


rainfield61 said...

I know most of the dogs like water, they can swim very well.

I just do not know why I am so different.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello maggie its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am shockd and appalld at yore mamas behayvyor!!! mayking yoo wawk thru the water like that!!! nekst time she shud kerry yoo across the creek thats wot my mama wood do or more akyooratly wood mayk my dada do!!! ha ha ok bye

betchai said...

hahaha, this post brought smile to my day Sharkbytes.

Ann said...

Aw Maggie, you didn't have a very good day did you. I'm sure mom won't stay mad at you for long, I mean really, how could she?

Ferd said...

Love hurts, Maggie. Maybe you'll understand that someday!

spinninglovelydays said...

Sorry to hear you and your mom had a little tiff, but it's nice that you got to visit a new place. :)

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- I am unique! Just because the books say Vizsla's are water dogs only proves that they did not interview me.

Dennis- you are my hero! I knew you would understand what mom should have done. (As long as she doesn't touch my feet when she picks me up, ok?)

betchai- I like when people smile at me!

Ann- Mom gave me a nice dinner today, but she still doesn't want me in the lovely compost.

Ferd- Hurts? NO,no... don't like hurts.

Ivy- Yes, lovely new smells! I like that.

RNSANE said...

Well, Maggie, at least your mom likes to have you out hiking with her. Think how gloomy you'd beif you were left behind. A little water isn't bad, once in awhile.

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