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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Color in "My Kingdom"

fall color

This post isn't profound, it's just what brought me the most joy today. I thought it wasn't going to be a very good color year. I've decided that the yellows aren't so good, but the reds and oranges are quite lovely. The picture above is trees across the railroad tracks with morning sun highlighting them.

fall color

As I walk over the hill toward the cemetery, this mulberry is one of the few trees on the hill that isn't a white pine.
fall color

Once I get to the cemetery, the colors are always stunning. I don't know if someone purposely chose which trees to plant 100 years ago, or if it's just chance, but there is always a variety of color- reds, oranges, gold.
fall color

This is my favorite. Doesn't it look peaceful?
red dog in leaves

OK, just for fun... how do you find an orange dog in the orange leaves?


rainfield61 said...

That's peaceful.


Is Maggie exploring the so-called peacefulness?


John | English Wilderness said...

Found her, almost dead centre in the last photo :-)

Ann said...

The colors are beautiful. I love the cemetery shot. I drove by one yesterday and thought about stopping since I had my camera with me but I didn't. Now I wish I would have.
Love that last one very cool Maggie Cammo

vanilla said...

I spy!

jeanlivingsimple said...

I like that cemetery better than the ones with the endless grass.
It took a few but I found Maggie.:)

The Oceanside Animals said...

Shake the treat bag?

Autumn was always my favorite season back east, and I love old graveyards, so that next to last picture is my favorite.

betchai said...

beautiful colors

spinninglovelydays said...

I wouldn't have known Maggie was there if you hadn't said so, lol
Love the colors of fall :)

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- it IS peaceful. Sometimes there is someone visiting a grave, and then Maggie and I just stay in the field. I prefer it empty.

John- yup...

Ann- she disappears really well. Time to get out her orange vest. Always take that camera, and don't be afraid to stop! Wish I would always follow that advice

Dennis- I like making you wistful for the east. That west coast thing is over-rated.

betchai- one of the most wonderful things about this part of the country!

Ivy- do you get a season like this at all? Have you ever seen colored leaves?

spinninglovelydays said...

Not here, lol. I've spent a couple of Octobers and Novembers in the US though...

J_on_tour said...

some nice autumn colours in your posts.

RNSANE said...

The leaves are beautiful, especially in the cemetery shot. It's the perfect place to sit and have a chat with old friends and relatives who are buried there. What a peaceful resting place. Maggie definitely blends in!

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