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Monday, November 8, 2010

At Ester's - Only Dial Up

This is going to be just bare bones. I am on slow dial-up at Ester's. Should be home tomorrow night!

The program went great! I sold 5 books (that is excellent), and got a possible contact for another program.

When I got to Ester's she had just gotten home because her truck broke down 50 miles from home. So we spent all day today rescuing it. It's now safe at the repair place, and we are back at her house.

Tomorrow I'm headed home with a stop in GR to get my printer fixed, and then a meeting in the evening. It's going to be one of those kind of weeks.



The Oceanside Animals said...

Dial-up? *shudder*

Ann said...

congrats on the book sales and possible new contract.
condolences on the dial up, I remember those days

RNSANE said...

Great, Shark...the book sales must be a real plus.

Dial up??? I can't imagine ever going back to using a regular telephone line...but I realize a lot of people don't have the availablity of high speed internet.

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