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Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Blue Blazes


painting trail blazes

Ellen and I went to the woods this afternoon, for one last chance to paint blazes this fall. Gun deer season starts Monday, and it's supposed to rain this weekend (can't paint oil paint blazes when the trees are wet). So, we managed to get another mile done in both directions. Ellen scraped and I painted.

I can't believe that's all we got done, but it took a couple of hours, and we had both had enough by the time we finished.

This is really a trail week. We have a chapter work day tomorrow, and a hike Saturday... trying to pack lots of stuff in before we all stay out of the woods for a couple of weeks!

One small piece of good news. I have 3 days of work week after next.

See Blue Blazes


rainfield61 said...

It looks like you are tapping rubber trees.

Ann said...

well a mile in either direction sounds like quite a lot of work to me. Hard to believe it's almost time for deer season to start again. Time to start being extra cautious on my morning drive

Jackie said...

i am so glad I found you and your blog again. I had forgotten just how beautiful your photos are.

Deer season is here and yes it is hard to believe. I am out in the country so that means I need to remember not to where anything white outside.

I agree with Ann about the mile each way. It sounds like good progress to me.

I must have lost your blog on my roll. I was away for almost a year. So i a grabbing your address to make sure I have you in my roll!
Happy trails,

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- Ha! Well, we tap maple trees here, but not oak. Unless we are "knocking on wood" of course

Ann- It was certainly enough to make my shoulder ache that day. Was it only yesterday? I guess so!

Shinade-Jackie! I am glad too. You are Painted Vail, right? I've made you one of my favs today, but already I can't afford your EC ad- wow!

sir rob said...

Just being curious, what's with painting trees with blue? What it has to do with deer hunting? Sorry for my ignorance, got no idea 'bout it.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi sir rob... sorry... this was sort of an extension of a post from last week. The blue blazes mark a foot path/trail through the woods called the North Country Trail. I help maintain it. Most hikers stay out of the woods during gun deer season because there are so many accidents that happen during those two weeks. We'd rather just stay home than take the risk. And that season starts on Monday, so I only have this weekend to do trail work, until Dec 1. By then it may be too cold/wet to paint.

Thanks for your interest!

sir rob said...

Ahhh, that explains why. So it just serves as guide where they should be and stay away from shooters. hehe

I've been following you in the forum and decided to check out your great blog. It's wonderful to find a strong opinionated person.

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