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Friday, November 26, 2010

And a Wonderful Meal it Was!


Thanksgiving meal

It was just the two of us here yesterday, so there were two big goals: to have a festive meal, and to also keep it healthy. Three years ago, Om had a heart attack. I'm not sure I've mentioned that before. He's completely healthy now, and still keeps very careful track of what he eats. If we had eaten out, he would have needed to eat small portions of everything, and then eat really uninteresting things for several days to average out the effects of the extra fat and salt.

But, if I cook, then we can enjoy good things, fixed in a healthy way.

Thanksgiving meal

The menu was: Cornish Game Hens, Apricot-Rice Stuffing, Holiday Jello, Butternut Squash, Asparagus, and Apple-Cranberry Pie.
Thanksgiving meal

If you want to see more about how I fixed it, and nutritional values, go to A Heart Healthy Holiday Feast for Two

It was perfect for the two of us, and we had leftovers today. There's more pie left for a couple of days yet, too! Hope you had a wonderful feast of your own!

See A Quiet Thanksgiving 2009


Lin said...

That looks WONDERFUL!!! I like how you kept it healthy AND delicious. Our dinner was good, and I was very careful not to overdo it and had just a little of everything. My only treat was Twinkie Casserole (yes, I'm posting the recipe, but I think it may push Om's limits) and too much wine. But it was fun and it's back to eating healthy today.

Julia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Your meal looks great. I'd have been fortunate to join you in such a well thought out healthy meal. We had cauliflower mixed in with the potatoes and lots of greens so I don't feel to destroyed from yesterday.

Loretta said...

It all looks delicious! You were wise to eat at home. I was at a buffet so was able to choose lots of veggies and be somewhat good.

Ferd said...

OMG, that looks good!
I'll visit the site and send the link to Gail with a subliminal message (I grill burgers and flip pancakes, but she's the real cook!)
Hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

aynzan said...

The pictures speak volumes....


betchai said...

i love to cook our meals too like you, since like what you said, we still can enjoy interesting foods the healthy way :) they all look yummy

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Looks and I have no doubts tasted wonderful, glad you had a good day :)

rainfield61 said...

Wow!!! Two hens for two! It is too heavy for me.

J. M. P. said...

And then they say healthy meals are not good tasting. It looks delicious!

Ann said...

It looks like a feast fit for a king. Who says healthy can't be delicious. That apple cranberry pie looks good. I could go for a slice of that.

Russ said...

That all looks so good. I have a sweet tooth. So I have to admit there wouldn't be any pie left over when I finished.My mother in law makes me cranberry bread all the time. I love it.
Glad you had a good day.

Anonymous said...

The hens look delicious. Pies are always my weakness on holidays.

@ Lin: Twinkie casserole?!? That can't be good for anyone. I'll let you know how it tastes after I wake up from a sugar coma ;-)

vanilla said...

Oh, my. A plateful of several of my favorite things; and the pie!

(our pie was cranberry-blueberry)

The Retired One said...

Looks yummy! As long as he didn't eat the pie crust he did perfect. LOL

The Oceanside Animals said...

Mmmm, game hen. I haven't had that in like forever.

spinninglovelydays said...

Looks scrumptious! I'll go take another look now.:)

Sharkbytes said...

Well, now I know how to get attention- POST PICTURES of FOOD!

Lin- I'm not good at taking small amounts. Glad you were able to!

Julia- It sure would be fun to spend a holiday with you!

Loretta- Hey- you might get to share that menu some day.

Hi Ferd- Glad to share! Hope you had a great day, and lots of birdie visitors (that you didn't eat!)

Hi aynzan- The presentation of food is part of the appeal, right?

betchai- I'm getting so I don't like restaurant food much any more, anyway.

Carol- we had a quiet day- just fine!

rainfield- Om made his last for two days... mine lasted for three!

Josep- it all depends on what you like, right?

Ann- We love pie, but I don't make it very often because we do eat it too fast.

Russ- yup, we don't dare make pie too often! The cran-bread sounds good.

Vickie- yes, everyone is zeroed right in on the yummy pie!

Vanilla- Hmmm... I think the cran-apple sounds better than cran-blueberry.

Joan- the pie crust is a treat. We don't have it too often, so it averages out ok.

Dennis- I got skin, and drippings. MMMMMM - Maggie

Ivy- It was almost worth the time to cook it all! haha.

jeanlivingsimple said...

Wow! That looks and sounds really good! I will have to check out the recipes.

RNSANE said...

Shark, I was in the kitchen for eight hours straight on Thanksgiving....even though my restricted diet ( for a whole month ) allowed me to eat very little of what I fixed. I should have taken pictures since I fixed everything my three sons requested and that was about ten different dishes. It only took three days for all the leftovers to disappear. Of course, they weren't nearly so heart healthy as your Thanksgiving meal but the arugula/mushroom/tomato salad wasn't too far off and the grilled brussel sprouts and carrots were pretty close. From there on, though, I'm afraid it was a pretty calorie laden meal!!!

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