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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Much is This Blog Worth?

unopened package

blog worthRemember the package? I promised to show you what arrived by UPS yesterday. And I will, but the whole thing is pretty strange.

Have you ever seen blogs with widgets like this one? The blogs that display them are usually valued at something ridiculous like $23,000. I have to wonder how that could be real. I just ran that program for this blog, and you can see where it ended up. Definitely not a big investment opportunity. Actually, it's hard for me to see how it's worth even that much in a monetary sense.

But now, we're getting to that package. About a month ago, I was contacted by Columbia Sportswear. As a result of seeing this blog, they wanted to send me a coat to test and give them feedback. Don't you find this a bit ironic? I hiked 4395 miles on a National Scenic Trail, without a single commercial sponsor. The two that I ever asked for anything turned me down cold. That hike wasn't interesting enough to provide gear for testing. But as a result of this silly blog, where I blabber about hiking and snowshoeing and whatever... I am being sent a coat to test.

coat in bag

And this is not just a "coat." That's where the value of this blog comes in. This is the Columbia Prism Ice Omni-heat Parka. That's a mouthful, and it should be. This is a $270 coat system. I think if you take all the winter coats I've owned in my life and add their cost together, it won't total $270. (And that counts the $75 dress coat my mother bought me in college.) So, I guess this blog really is worth at least that much money.

Columbia Prism Ice Omni-heat ParkaThis is a highly technical garment. It has an outer and inner coat with a special lining. I suspect it's going to be too hot for me, since I tend to overheat quickly.

But it's quite good looking, don't you think? It's going to kill me to wear this for hard outside play, instead of as a dress coat for the next 20 years. Really! I can't believe how much coats like this cost. This goes against every shred of frugality I live by. But... a gift horse, er, coat, must be tested.

So I wore it for my walk this afternoon, knowing that it should be too warm. Indeed! I wasn't halfway around my loop before I had to take it apart, and just wear the shell, because I was sweating.

Prepare to see more of the Columbia Prism Ice Omni-heat Parka.


Duxbury Ramblers said...

Columbia Prism Ice Omni-heat Parka, yeeks I am already melting, looks fine but as you say if you are one of those type of people that glow as we say in our group it would be stripped to the shell, don't think I have ever worn a coat with it's lining. The price seems a lot to me but I do like to buy goods that will do a good job and the last coat I bought which is now minus it's fleece lining was reduced from £90 to £38 and I still thought it a lot to pay.
So I say carry on testing they might send a nice pair of matching leggings to go with it :)

John | English Wilderness said...


$7,903.56 - English Wilderness
$564.54 each - my other blogs

Higher than expected!

Ratty said...

It looks like a great coat. I've been offered a couple of things to test, but not nearly as good as that. One of them was only a couple of days before my accident, so I never replied. I also get so many people offering scams that I'm wary of any offers. I'm glad to know that some of them are real. Wow, I'm really envious. That coat really does look good. You deserve something like that more than anyone I know.

rainfield61 said...

Wow, I'm really envious.

I echo what Ratty said.

Auntie E said...

Some time back I checked the value of my blog, Hubby and I just laughed, My Main At home Blog was values at over 450,000.00 enough to pay off every bills we had and still have a nice bank account! Hubby even said "oh I can retire and let you just blog",lol. I often wondered how can one sell it, the blog that is? I could start one up get the value up and sale it, Now that better than playing the stock market,lol.
As to the coat, Like you I heat up fast even in the Frigid weather. When we play in the snow, I have to shed layers and then add layers later. I think a coat with layers would be great for me. Now as to the cost, ouch...Just way too much.
Congrats on the coat.

As to the coat, like you I get heated fast. even when we play in the snow and frigid temps, i have to shed layers. I would that that a coat that can be layered and un-layered would be good for me.
Congrats on the coat.

Molly said...

Great product to test, I usually get a box of cereal or a power bar. That coat is spendy but maybe worth it living here in MN. enjoy!

Ann said...

Nice coat. I never get any cool offers.

spinninglovelydays said...

I'm afraid to find out what my blog is worth, lol
That's a really cool coat. Maybe Columbia can sponsor your next hiking adventure... :)

Lin said...

That is one snappy coat, Sharky! It looks GREAT on you. :)

I'd hate to think what price they'd put on my blog. I'm hoping they do a penny-a-pound. With Hobbes there, we'd make a fortune! ;)

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- I have a favorite pair of snowboarder pants, so my legs are good to go. But, like you, I can't get my head around the cost of this coat.

John- Hey, good for you! I didn't look really hard, but couldn't figure out what the criteria for valuation are.

Ratty- wow... thanks. This is the first thing I've been offered. I was extremely wary until the coat actually showed up.

rainfield- does it get cold where you are? I think you would need omni-cool gear

Auntie E- It seems like I'll only be able to wear this over a t-shirt without being too warm, even when it's really cold. But, who knows?

Molly- well, people must buy this stuff. I guess some folks have jobs!

Ann- bummer... if it makes you feel any better, this is the first one EVER for me.

Ivy- I don't think any of my future adventures will be as big as the NCT, and no one was interested in that.

Lin- Yes, I like the looks of this better than any coat I've had. I bet your blog is worth at least as much as this one. I suspect that personal blogs, without much commercial stuff, just don't get valued highly.

The Oceanside Animals said...

I got the same $564 for Dennis's blog, too. Hmm, I smell some sort of grand conspiracy.

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