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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Quiet Place

I had to go back to Ludington today. There was a little unfinished business from yesterday, and there were two more part-time jobs to apply for, where I had to appear in person. That makes 13 positions I've applied for. Not so much as a nibble yet. This blog is supposed to focus on the positive, but I am just setting the stage. Not only is the whole job search process discouraging, but the day was cold, windy, and dark.

At the beach, where I met someone, the wind was blowing the sand horizontally. I opened my car door just long enough to have a conversation about where we should go instead, and I instantly had sand in my eyes, teeth, etc. Not nice. It never rained, but it was like twilight when Maggie and I went for a walk at 4 pm.

So when we reached the stream in the cemetery ravine, my first thought was simply about how dark it was in the valley.

dark stream valley

But then I suddenly realized that it was quiet. The wind was not howling in my ears. The temperature was warmer. As dismal as it had seemed a moment ago, I knew that this was the special treat for today.

riffled stream surface

So, I began looking for some treasures for me, and to share with you. In a narrow spot, the surface was riffled, perpetually soft and unfocused.

golden stream

When I faced the other direction, more light could enter the lens, and this is the way things looked, just a few feet farther downstream.

floating leaf

Always a tiny boat or two, on their ways to worlds unknown. While I was experiencing the quiet, a song from one of my favorite albums came to mind. I don't have it in digital format, so I haven't heard it for a long time. I'll be sharing it on Sunday at Off the Sanctuary Wall.

See Remember the Creek?


Ann said...

It's been cold, dark and dreary around here for about a week now. The sun peaked out yesterday and it was wonderful to see.
I love the treasures that you found in that quiet place. Those are the best kind

spinninglovelydays said...

I really admire (and am inspired by) how you can find and appreciate the good in a "bad" day. It's a real and conscious effort for me as I tend to get stuck in the negative (and dwell on it until I'm just being ridiculous).
Thanks for sharing your treasures. I'll remember the lesson here the next time I'm not happy with a day.
I pray you get good news soon! :)

Lin said...

I don't like those days where it is really, really hard to find something good in it. I think you found some beauty in the woods. Whew!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- So often, the treasures are there, but we have to look!

Ivy- Well... that's the point of this blog: to find the little goodie of the day, even if it's hiding! If it's a lesson too, so much the better!

Lin- There's always something, and it's worth looking for!

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