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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cemetery Says...

I'm flat-out stealing an idea from Ivy, over at Spinning Lovely Days. In a post called Epitaphs, she showed some interesting sentiments from gravestones. I liked her idea, so here, half a world away, I went hunting. Here's a traditional one.

tombstone sentiments

I think I knew this already, but modern (say 20th century) American tombstones usually aren't very personalized. But here's another that's no surprise.

tombstone sentiments

Then we always find the sad ones. Lots of those. I'd actually thought of showing you some of the babies' graves before. I may do that yet. You have to wonder at the stories...

tombstone sentiments

Since I was actively looking for interesting inscriptions today, I found two that I'd never seen before. I had to enhance this photo so that you might be able to read it, but it's still difficult. It says, "Friendship is a Sheltering Tree." I like that!

tombstone sentiments

And here's another, in an interesting font: "Hope's Eternal Day is Born."

tombstone sentiments

But I saved this one for last. I walk right by it almost every day, and chuckle almost every time. I have NO idea what it's all about. Some of the families in this graveyard are familiar to me, even some of the individuals, but I know nothing about this one. But his choice of epitaph certainly guarantees that he'll be remembered by those who see his stone. I've asked him why, but somehow couldn't hear the answer.

tombstone sentiments

See Color in My Kingdom for an autumn view of the cemetery
See It's the Details for decorations on headstones


Secondary Roads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Secondary Roads said...

Sent On Below

Secondary Roads said...

Or was it "Sent On Before?"

John | Daily Photo said...

Some of these are fascinating. I'm curious about the story behind some of them.

Actually I have a few photos of interesting tombstones. I'll have to post them.

Ann said...

I find cemetery's very interesting. I really need to get out and take a walk through one. That last one would make me chuckle too

Jackie said...

I find them very interesting too. As a matter of fact I have gone and taken shots before too.

But, I have lost some data on my PC(having major issues with it)and have lost a great deal of files.

I don't dare try to copy from my discs because my system crashes.

So this old PC of mine may very well be buried with an inscription soon.


Lin said...

When I was young, we'd go to the cemetery and my brother and I would look for kids' graves. Or photos on the stones. Does anyone go to the cemetery anymore? I don't go ever and I went for many years to plant flowers for my dad.

spinninglovelydays said...

Love these! As for the last one, keep on asking, lol... The stories the departed must have! :D

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- Nice try... we can hope he meant your second guess!

John- cemeteries are really good at raising questions. Not so good at answering them.

Ann- They can be very quiet and pleasant places to walk.

Jackie- Oh no... hope you don't really have to bury your computer.

Lin- there are often people tending/visiting graves here. When there are visitors, Maggie and I just stay in the field.

Ivy- It's all your fault! Now I'll have to search the other sections.

RNSANE said...

The last one is hysterical. He had a sense of humor, I guess. I always enjoy walking in cemeteries and reading tombstones though I haven't done it in a very long time.

wiseacre said...

I Told You I Was Sick

I was going to use this epitaph until I saw it was already used too much. Do a Google image search for:
epitaph I told you i was sick

Now I'm going to have to go with:

Wish You Were Here

Joanne Olivieri said...

Very cool post. That last one is a hoot. I would have liked to know him while he was still with us. I also like that "Friendship is a sheltering tree." I find cemeteries calming and I do enjoy them for the flowers and for the artwork and mosaics.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Carmen- I hope that even with your difficulties that you are able to get outside some.

Jo- I love to explore... the oldest ones are best.

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