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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Green- A Short Tour of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Here it is- GREEN! It did get up and decorated. We had a quiet Christmas. Josh has neither showed up nor called. Steve called this morning, and we did gift opening on speakerphone. I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to do that. He had some gifts shipped to us, but we just sent him cash. He cant get packages at his apartment because the mailman won't leave packages in the hall, and he can't get personal packages at work because there are new security rules in his building.

snowman ornamentHow about a short tour of a few of our ornaments? This old plastic snowman was my first ornament, so, it can be dated to 1948.

homemade ornamentThis pedestrian offering I made for our first Christmas together. We had almost nothing, and I cut strips of a detergent bottle, covered them with Christmas tape and made a tassel for the bottom.

fancy ornamentFor a number of years, Om's mother made these fancy ornaments for everyone in the family. We have quite a collection of various styles!

stained glass ornamentThis is one of a whole set of fake stained glass ornaments from a kit. We did these with the boys one year. You put the frames on foil, poured little beads in the spaces and baked them in the oven. A few have survived the years.

eagle ornamentFinally, for this tour, this is one of Om's favorites. He's an eagle nut. This glass eagle came from Bronner's in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you live in the Midwest US, you know that Bronner's IS Christmas. This is one of our most expensive ornaments, but it's a favorite.

I hope you had a very happy day! Loretta is supposed to arrive yet tonight. The storm missed all the places she had to drive through, once she got out of her town.

Tomorrow... the monthly contest. No essays required this time! Come back and play.


Lin said...

The tree is beautiful, Sharky!

I'm sorry that Josh didn't call or anything for Christmas. Sometimes we can't figure folks out--I guess he has some things to work out, eh? I guess the homecoming will be sweet when he finally does. I hope it is soon.

We had a quiet Christmas too--just us and the kids and my neighbor and her son came for dinner. I like a quiet Christmas--I have the hustle and bustle everyday and it is nice to have a break. Good not to go anywhere one day a year. :)

And now onto the New Year!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

A beautiful Tree and post.

rainfield61 said...

The holiday is going to be over after I came back from a short break.

Ann said...

Your tree is just lovely. I discovered a few years back how important all of those hand mad decorations are. I decided that I was going to buy all new ornaments since it was my first Christmas after my divorce. My daughter was quite upset with me that all the hand made ones weren't on the tree. Now I include several each year.

vanilla said...

Great tree! Have been waiting for "Green." We didn't unpack the ornaments this year-- sometimes we just need a break from the memories whilst making new ones!

Jackie said...

That's a great tree. I would have never thought to make a decoration out of laundry detergent bottles. Very cleaver!

I am glad the weather cleared a little and your friend made it over!!

Campbell Jane said...

A very Merry Christmas to you! I applaud your creativity in making a detergent bottle ornament! I'm really touched by it. I'm glad you saved it all these years, and shared it with us. To me it's a little reminder that love & the Christmas spirit is eternal and no matter how much or how little you may have can change that.
God Bless & Happy New Year too!

spinninglovelydays said...

I love the story of the ornaments. Lovely how parts of one's history can be reflected on the Christmas tree...

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- Glad you had a good time. Quiet can be a good thing.

Carol- Thanks... Om does a really nice job with the tree.

rainfield- have a wonderful time

Ann- Yes, we like the stories that go with the different ornaments.

Vanilla- You didn't have a tree at all? Wow... that's dedication to grinchiness (or travel)

Jackie- It was a fun and easy project. I should write it up.

Jane- How nice that you left a comment! Some of the simplest things end up being meaningful, don't they?

Ivy- They do tell a story... and there are lots more for other years!

RNSANE said...

I love your tree and its special ornaments. I feel kind of bad this year...I didn't get out my boxes and do any decorating at all. I really have some beautiful Christmas things, collected over the years but, with my move coming up in a couple of months and taking things to Goodwill, etc, I just couldn't get it together to do decorating. We did go to my son's in West Sacramento for Christmas eve and I spent all the day before cooking dinner for that night. It was fun. We spent the night there, then went to his wife's folks for Christmas day. They are a nice family and have welcomed me and my other two sons which is nice since my only brother is in Georgia.