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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top Commenters- November

chipping brush

So, after all the wood good for fuel was lugged to where it was going to live, there was still a lot of brush to deal with. Doug rented a chipper, and we fed it! It eats fast- I could hardly deliver branches fast enough to be fed!

Meanwhile, I really like the fact that some of you must feel "fed" in certain ways, here at my blog. Your comments mean a lot to me, and the top 10 each month receive a small banner ad in the left column.

In November, there were a total of 55 different people who were inspired to "say" something, and at total of 227 separate comments (not counting my own responses to them).

The top 10 for this past month are:
Ann's Snap & Edit (Ann- 30 comments)
Spinning Lovely Days (Ivy- 23 comments)
Dennis the Vizsla Dog (Dennis' dada, James- 16 comments) tied with
My Journey (rainfield61- 16 comments)
Carmen's Chronicles (Carmen- 15 comments)
Duxbury Ramblers (Carol- 12 comments) tied with
Duck and Wheel with String (Lin- 12 comments)
The Painted Veil (Jackie- 11 comments)
English Wilderness (John - 7 comments)
String Too Short to Tie (vanilla- 6 comments)


Ann said...

Those wood chippers do eat through those branches fast.
I sure was chatty in November...lol

The Oceanside Animals said...

I can no longer look at a wood chipper without thinking of that scene towards the end of "Fargo" ...

jeanlivingsimple said...

I once lived in a house with a wood stove for heat. It was work but I enjoyed it.
Congrats to the top commenter's!

betchai said...

wow, you are so good in tallying and thanking your commenters Sharkbytes, congrats to the top commenters.

Lin said...

Whew! I thought you were gonna send me a branch for being on the list!

Thanks for the link, pally. :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Ann- I love your comments! Chatty is just fine.

Dennis- Noooooo, I don't want nightmares.

Jean- The outside furnaces aren't very much work once the wood is on site and cured. You only feed them once a day. But we don't heat with wood either. I don't need another job.

betchai- I'm happy to do it. I don't like just rewarding people who are on Entrecard (top droppers)

Lin- I did, but that branch was already made into paper, with words on it... haha- your package is in the mail.

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