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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Snow!

goldenrod in snow

Today was all about the snow. And snow was all it did today! But the weeds all look nicely contrasted against a stark background. Above is early goldenrod, and below is spotted knapweed.

spotted knapweed in snow

big bluestem in snow
fleabane in snow
Some of you may recognize a small example of big bluestem grass, above. The one to the left is daisy fleabane (I think!)

Finally, not a weed, but definitely a nice texture- snow on Scotch pine!

We went for a snowshoe walk... supposed to snow all week! snow on Scotch pine


rainfield61 said...

I feel so excited to see the snow!

It must be very cold.

Jackie said...

At first I thought the shots were of blackbirds up in tress.

Then I saw the bottom shot and realized what they actually were.

I love your 'Just Snow' shots. they made me stop and have a good look. They even played tricks on my mind with what I first thought I was seeing!

I am headed out again today with my camera. It is freezing here but I am ready to get out of this house.

Happy day Joan!

Ann said...

snow is quite pretty when you see it in pictures, not so much when you're driving in it :) Love the snow on the scotch pine. Back when I still bought a real Christmas tree that was usually the choice.

2345 said...

Now that is something you do not see here in south Florida. Gives me more of a holiday feeling. Thanks for sharing. Cheryl

vanilla said...

Fantastic images! I especially like the third and fourth ones. Would make beautiful 16 x 20 wall hangings.

Raleigh RoxStar said...

With all of the lovely pictures of snow I've been seeing I'm feeling just a tiny bit homesick. I'm originally from Ohio but now living in North Carolina. I love seeing the snow and that first big snow storm that keeps everyone home. Oh, and one good time sledding, or two. But then I've had enough.

spinninglovelydays said...

How pretty! Wish we could get some here too, lol

jeanlivingsimple said...

It is very cold but we have no snow. If it is going to be bitter cold...than I would rather have snow.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- it is chilly- I like that. Hubby, not so much!

Jackie- mind tricks! Always good stuff. Hope you get great shots. I saw your hawk, did I comment? I meant to but I don't remember what I said.

Ann- I don't mind driving in it much, unless the visibility is really bad.

Hi Cheryl- yeah, I don't know how you manage Christmas in the south. Just doesn't seem right. Thanks for stopping by.

vanilla- they make neat patterns. I may have to change my background soon- I have some neat tiles I made a couple of years ago from similar pics.

Hi Raleigh- I like it a lot- we get enough to play in, which is better than just cold and ice and nothing much as far as snow.

Ivy- I don't think I could send you a snowball- You'll have to come visit.

Jean- I'm with you all the way there!

mizztraveller said...

really happy to see the snow .

The Oceanside Animals said...

Snow looks so soft and fluffy and warm when viewed on a computer monitor ...

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