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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Polish Porcupine Ball

polish porcupine ball

We found out for sure today that Steve can't come home for Christmas. I'm going to work really hard at not being overly depressed. So, I started with making something I'd never done before.

These balls are a very old craft, but somehow, I'd never tried one before. They are traditionally made from foil paper, but I made a plain white one to try. It took me about 2 hours, and was a lot of fun. I think I want to try a foil one.

The site where I had a tutorial about how to make these has gone belly up. Maybe I'll post it if I can find it again.

See A TARGET="BLANK" HREF="https://myqualityday.blogspot.com/2010/12/polish-porcupine-ball-revisited.html">More About the Polish Porcupine Balls
See The Nativity Scene Goes Up


Lin said...

Oh, I'm sorry Steve can't be home for the holidays. :( Bummer. It's so hard not to have the family together for the holidays. Dang, I miss those kids.

rainfield61 said...

You are lucky enough to find a way to relieve your depression.


Loretta said...

sorry to hear that Steve can't come for Christmas....know that is disappointing. I love the Polish ball...I am very sure I would not have the patience to make something that took you two hours though. I know that means it would take me at least 6! Is your tree up?

Ann said...

Sorry Steve won't be home for Christmas. I know how you feel since my daughter won't be home for Christmas either. It's going to feel so strange, first time EVER without her here.
As for the porcupine balls, do I want to know how to make one? You bet I do, paper crafts are right up my alley..lol

Julia said...

That ornament is very good looking. I'll hop over and see "how to."

Sorry about not having S. home for holidays. :(

Mike Golch said...

Bummer that Steve can't be home for christmas.I love the Porcupine ball.I have an off the wall kind of Christmas this year.I posted about on Golch Central.

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- Thanks. I don't seem to need as much as you, but C-mas isn't really much unless Steve is here. We are working on thinking up some other things to do.

rainfield- I will need to hold whispered conversations with any spiders or moths that may still be awake.

Loretta- No tree. I wish Om would give up the big one, but that might be too big a bummer for him.

Ann- first time ever? Wow... this is the second time that Steve couldn't make it. So, you may have it worse than I do. So sorry... You'll make a porcupine with no trouble!

Julia- Somehow I can't see Wyatt sitting still rolling star points... but, hey... you might like it!

Hi Mike- I like your Christmas duck tree. Thanks for stopping by.

Jackie said...

I am so sorry to hear Steve can't make it home for Christmas.

At least you got yourself busy and made this incredible ornament. I am not crafty one little bit, even with instructions.

But, my this is unique and just so lovely. I am going to have to pop over and grab the instructions. I will send them to Pam.

LOL...the only way we are seeing any of our children this Christmas is to go to them. Everyone is always so very busy!


cardiogirl said...

Man that's cool! I'm a quarter Polish and I love the idea of creating a new tradition for my kids. I think I'm going to try this with magazine pages.

And since my kids will be on Christmas break for two full weeks it sounds like an awesome craft to fill some time.