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Friday, December 3, 2010

This Week- Logging Crew

man felling tree

I'm home! Do you wonder where I was and what I was doing all week? I was helping a friend with his tree service. I was just grunt and go-fer crew. I was able to take a few pictures of my friend, Doug, working. Other than that there sure wasn't time for any picture taking!

Above, a tree is about to fall exactly where Doug planned.

falling tree

I managed to catch this one coming down!

man sawing tree

There were a couple of guys who were cutting the trees up after they came down. I spent almost all my time, carrying, fetching, moving wood, raking, and hauling. It's been a while since I've done full 8-hour days of that kind of labor, so I wasn't sure how I'd hold up. But, except for being tired, everything went fine.

Sorry, but I'm still too tired to be back into my regular blogging schedule. And I have to go to bed early tonight, because I have to do the paper route tomorrow morning. I'm taking the rest of the day after that to CRASH!

It was a great week, although heavy work, and I made enough money to help with December. That's a quality day (week)!


Loretta said...

well, you just go, you tree hauling mountain girl! I do hope they paid you really really well for that kind of physical labor.... So where is my brother off to that you have to do the route tomorrow? You have my sympathy....I know it's not your favorite thing to do and especially in this cold....sleep well tomorrow afternoon!

rainfield61 said...

You have done what supposed to be a very physical thing..

A long rest with zzzzZZZZZZZZZ is needed.

Happy weekend.

Ann said...

That sounds like a totally exhausting weeks worth of work. I must admit that it does sound rather fun also. I doubt that I would have held up as well as you though. Enjoy your crash after the paper route.

Zedvick said...


do you have a blogroll? can we exchange links?

vanilla said...

You are one strong lady. I'd need a nap after the second hour. And it's unlikely I'd return to the task after; and I used to do physiccal labor.

The Oceanside Animals said...

I'm not allowed to operate or be in the vicinity of dangerous power tools.

RNSANE said...

Congratulations!!! That looked like really hard wofk and the fact that it was income producing makes it even better. I don't think I'd have been much help since my walker wouldnt be too useful in the snow. Gosh, weren't you freezing! I can just imagine the aching muscles you must have had at the end of your day. The pictures were great, Shark!

Lin said...

Hooray for some cash! I was gone all week too--lots going on with school and fundraisers and all. Busy time of year, eh?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Loretta- he went Christmas shopping with Jason. He's finally found someone who likes to do with mall thing.

rainfield- yes, I got plenty of those Zs this weekend. Much needed.

Ann- thanks. I don't think I could do it full time forever, but I managed a week.

Hi Cedngasngu- I only have a few choice blogs in my blogroll, thanks.

vanilla- I was highly motivated by the promise and delivery of cash!

Dennis- good plan- losing your tail would be really bad!

Carmen- no, a walker would have been tough to deal with among all the branches!

Lin- Doug was amazed that he got tree removal business this late, but he was glad of the work, too.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness and I thought you were hiking somewhere and you were working.

That's quite a job. Good for you for helping. I am with Ann though. I don't think I would have been much help except to take pictures!!

Welcome back too....you were missed!

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