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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Shadows Lengthen

shadows of pinesRemember that I said I missed an interesting shadow shot? I was able to capture it (almost) a few days later. Even though the sun was only two or three days different, I swear the shadows aren't the same as the first time I saw them. After all the years we've been here, I had never, ever noticed how the sun comes through those pines in the late afternoon of an early winter day. There is always something new to see!

And I thought the whole imagery of shadows moving would be a fitting idea to close out the year of 2010. There are always changes... and like the shadows they move and shift. Some images grow while others shrink. We are here chasing those situations around, trying to interpret them, and to make the best of our lives in the midst of the swirling stream of events.

As I mentioned briefly, I will begin training for a part-time job next week. The reason that I have to do something like this is because I just haven't been able to make enough money to sustain life with only my self-employment income. If you are interested in my attempts to make money online, you can read the long Year End Report 2010. That doesn't represent my entire income, but, sadly, quite a bit of it.

I'll be a Field Data Collector for a company that takes contracts from insurance companies. I will go to homes of people who want to buy insurance and measure the buildings and take pictures. Then I come home, draw basic plans and send it all to the company via the internet. I like the flexibility of it all, but I was hoping for about 10 hours a week, and they are predicting 20 hours.

Therefore, I have no idea what impact this will have on blogging and writing. For sure, I will be keeping up this blog- it's my favorite. I'm also sure that some of the others will have to have more relaxed schedules.

I have no idea if I'll be able to take an extended summer hike or not. I'm trying to not think about that yet. I've worked really hard over the past 20 years to build a sustainable (at some level) lifestyle that allowed me real freedom, but with the loss of my two biggest web site clients, I'm in trouble. This is all crimping my style, a lot, but I can't continue to run a negative balance on the cash drawer, so to speak.

Well, this second picture was taken just an hour later than the first one. See how much things have changed? And they are brighter, too. Maybe it will work the same way for me, and this job.

shadows of pines


RNSANE said...

Believe me, I know about that cash flow. I can't believe I went from earning $140,000 my last year of employment ( before taxes ) to $47,000 ( before taxes ) last year. I know that seems like a lot but, with my monthly rent at $2300, it doesn't go far. In two years, I've exhausted the $20,000 I had in savings.

After my move, whether it's into my van, a rented room or a small apartment, I have to find some kind of work, probably not in nursing.

You'll do what you have to do - and blog when you can. That's the reality and we certainly understand.

The shadow shots are lovely.

Glynis Peters said...

We live on a tight budget, so understand the need to fill the pot. May you have bright days always!

Best wishes and a Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

I do not think there are too many people that are not feeling the pinch of the economies situation.
All we can do is tighten up our spending and hope for the best~

Happy New Year to you and may 2011 be full of health and good luck~

Ann said...

I wish you the best of luck in your new job. I certainly can understand the need to supplement the income. It seems everything keeps going up these days but my wages stay the same.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- I suspect the cutbacks are harder for you than for me, even. I've had a lot of practice at it! You won't end up in your van.

Glynis- Thanks for the encouragement

Dorothy- We could all use some good economic news in our lives!

Ann- ain't it the truth?! The biggest crock of all is that rising gas prices prove that we are in economic recovery! Say what?

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