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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Work For the Night is Coming

I was still tired, but got sucked into a creative project this morning. And Om fell asleep after the paper route, so we didn't make it to church. So I spent a bunch of time on this, but, hey, I was having fun.

OK, here's the story. Every Sunday, I try to post the words to a hymn at Off the Sanctuary Wall, and find a video of the song that I like. Well, this week, there were very few videos of the song I chose, and most of those were so off-key that I really couldn't bear them. So... I decided that I could do better than that. Don't worry, I'm not headed for America's Got Talent, but I can live with the result.

The inspiration for choosing this song was my week of hard work- very satisfying, if tiring. And since this is about all I did today... it's what I have to share.

See Work For the Night is Coming


Jackie said...

Work is a good thing. 'Idle hands make for the devil's work.' that's what I was taught!

I was bored and not focusing on work when I wrote my so so sad story. I was sitting still and the 'Oh, poor pity me bug bit me'.

Yesterday when I couldn't do work. I spent the day out in nature with my camera.

I always feel the very closest to God when I am out and about in nature....always amazed at His creation!

I have never heard this song. Thanks for posting it. I always enjoy your videos, here and at your other blog!

Hope you have a great week!

rainfield61 said...

Your label told me it is something new to me, and is always very great to try something new.

Karen and Gerard said...

This isn't one of my favorite hymns but I liked your pictures, even though I don't really think they convey the message the song intends. I think it's more about serving the Lord and sharing the gospel while we still have time. That's how I always viewed it anyhow.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

I do not know the hymn but I have to say you would be most welcome in our choir, I can't hold a tune, plus it's a great witness.

Ann said...

maybe that's all you did for the day but I would say it was a very successful day. I love the video.

spinninglovelydays said...

Midge is still sleeping but I just had to listen to your rendition (anyway, it didn't wake her up). I've always liked this hymn. I think it's a very effective reminder not waste our time (esp to me who's a pathological dawdler).
I also liked seeing the pictures. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Jackie- Sometimes our best stories happen when we are feeling strong emotions! It was great.

rainfield- I love to try/learn new things- they are one of my "quality day" standards!

Karen- I think you make a good point, but all honest work is for the kingdom. With the possible exception of the sports pictures, all tasks are necessary for accomplishing things that people need for health, safety, daily care, etc.

Carol- I think it was taken out of most of the modern hymnals. Who knows why? Probably too repetitive, maybe no one wants to work that hard any more? It would be fun to sing in a choir again.

Ann- Glad you like it- you are very kind.

Ivy- Oh- I'm glad you liked it. I was raised by people who WORKED hard, and although I'm getting lazier, it's pretty deeply ingrained.

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