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Friday, January 28, 2011

Contest Day- Win an Ad for a Month

Tyndall effect

A bit of cold sunshine this afternoon, just to break the gray day.

I'm going to take a completely different tack with this month's contest, but perhaps it will pull in some different contestants, and you don't have to write anything or use your imagination.

Ivy, over at Spinning Lovely Days has recently announced that she is expecting. I first got interested in reading her blog because her daughter's name is Marguerite. It's not too common, and it was my grandmother's middle name. The more I got to know Ivy, the more I discovered that we have a lot of the same values, and even some of the same obsessions. She has recently announced that Marguerite is Going to Be a Big Sister.

So, here is your mission! First, leave a comment for Ivy and her family on the post where she made the announcement. Then you must search the internet for FREE patterns for baby items, either knitted or crocheted- don't worry about the difficulty of the pattern. When you find one you like, send the URL to me at jhy@t-one.net. Keep in mind that she lives in the Philippines. The baby probably won't need something like a Norwegian pullover!

If this seems daunting, it's not really. Just search for free baby knit(or crochet) patterns in any search engine. There are also some blogs that offer free classic patterns. Grandmother Wren is one of them, and she has an index.

I'll pass the URLs to Ivy, without telling her who sent them. She will pick the one she'd like me to make, and the person who submitted it will be the winner.

I think the only way you could go wrong here is that you need to make sure the pattern is FREE. I can't buy pattern and yarn and pay for shipping, all three.

You may enter as many patterns as you like and each one will be an entry. But don't delay... entries are due by 11:59pm, EST, Monday January 31.

What fun! I get a new project, and Ivy's new baby will get a gift.


Chin chin said...

Hi Sharkbytes. Love the idea of this contest. It was really thoughtful of you in giving a gift for Ivy's baby.

I already commented on Ivy's post even before reading this. And I have emailed the URLs.

God bless.

Admin said...

Wow! I was taken a back with the photo. That must be very lovely having the chance to see it right there and then.

Anyways, didn't know you give gifts lol.

Lovely post.

medical safety said...

This is a great and different contest. I like your idea. Will be doing this tomorrow when I have more time. LOL

Ann said...

I'm pretty sure I can handle this one. I love searching for free patterns :)

Sharkbytes said...

Chin-Chin- Got your entry. You are first. Thank you!

Joyie&JP- I am blessed to live where I can see some great landscapes.

sir rob- It will be great if you participate!

Ann- I thought it might be up your alley! I'll watch for your entry (entries?)

Chin chin said...

You're welcome.

ian said...

this contest has my interest piqued, given its sheer positivity =] i just joined, my entry ought to be in your inbox (or spam mail!) by now =] happy Sunday!

spinninglovelydays said...

I haven't been online for days. Thank heavens I decided to check my inbox today!
This is really very sweet of you, Sharkbytes. Just being thought of is already priceless and I'm really very touched. I can't thank you enough. :)

Thanks also to your readers who've greeted me and are participating. God bless you all! :)

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