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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday in the Spotlight

snowblowing in the dark

Here's how Saturday began at 4:15 am. Yes, that's me, the hooded spectre on the left. Usually, Om can get out to do the paper route, and then I clear the driveway before he gets home, if it needs it. However, we had about 12 inches of snow fall overnight. You think I'm kidding? Look at the depth of the first snowblower pass. The light is me coming back up the drive on pass number two.

snowblowing in the dark

It was hard to choose just a few pics for today... each event had many choices, but the total effect was bigger than any one piece. Anyway, I couldn't get back to sleep after the early wakeup. The sun finally got up, too, and spread lovely pink light over all the white snow.

pink light on snowy trees

At 10 am, the trail club met at Crystal Valley for a ski outing. There were five of us. The groomer hadn't been there yet, so we had to make our own tracks!


By the time I got home from that adventure, I was thinking it was nap time, but I just had time to eat and leave for a trail club meeting. I know this isn't an outdoor adventure, such as I usually focus on, but this is the key group of people who work hard to make our 80 miles of the North Country wonderful for everyone to hike. It was an important part of my day, so there you have it.

people sitting at table

And that's how I spent Saturday!

P.S. I'm doing the paper route in the morning, so I'll be grumpy tomorrow. I'll try to be over it before I chat with you!


Lin said...

WOW! That is some snow you got!!! I think I would be crabby going out in that too!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Oh no - that means we will be having more snow - we have only just got rid of the last lot.
I'll bet you slept well after all the snow shifting and activity during the day.

rainfield61 said...

Oh!!! All the senior citizens like us.

Where are the young one?

Glynis Peters said...

Wow! The snow was so deep. Not a fan of the stuff I am afraid. I love how busy you keep yourself. Thanks for sharing your day.

Unknown said...

I always love reading about your outdoor adventures, Joan. But this onw was intersting too. I don't envy you the early starts and having to clear a way through all that snow, but I'd love to come on a hike with you. Wish I was a few thou miles nearer.

Secondary Roads said...

Fortunately, the snow didn't make it this far south. About this time of year I find myself thinking how nice it would be to once again live where palm trees grow.

betchai said...

oh, i love that spread of pink licht over white snow, just wonderful. so good to be hiking/snowshoeing with friends.

Ann said...

we got snow but nothing like what you got. You sure had one busy and sounds like exhausting day.
Love the pink tones over the snow, very pretty

spinninglovelydays said...

Sounds very busy, but fun. Not sure about getting up at dawn to clear the driveway, lol, so hope the sunrise scene made up for it - I guess it was a pink that you liked? :)

Sharkbytes said...

I have to go to bed, folks... I'll respond tomorrow

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- The snow makes me HAPPY, but the time of day is the problem!

Carol- I did sleep well, but only for a couple of hours, since I had to get up for the paper route

rainfield- That is a big question! It's a real problem- many younger people have jobs and families, and don't have the time to volunteer as much. The guy on the right is 83, and he is our hardest worker... he has Parkinson's and is helping to hold it at bay by being out there on the trail almost every day. He's currently our President.

Glynis- well, this day was busier than I like, that's for sure. I had to buy groceries too, but I was afraid you wouldn't believe that I snuck that in.

Jean- you would be welcome to join me any time!

Chuck- "this" time of year? Winter is just begun!

betchai- the light was magical that morning- very unusual

Ann- got another of the pink morning shots in the queue for today

Ivy- I bet you've never had to clear snow at 4 am!

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