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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow- Yesterday and Today

pines in snowstorm

This picture was taken at about 11 am yesterday. The mercury was hunkered down, but a soft blanket fell from the sky. A blanket about eight inches thick by the time it ended!

snowshoe tracks

But look at this amazing situation! What's amazing is that this picture was taken this morning, and those are my snowshoe tracks from yesterday afternoon. The air was so calm that they were not smudged even a little bit by any hint of a breeze. That kind of calm is really unusual here.

The overnight low here was -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Our coldest of this year, but not even close to the coldest in Michigan. Several places in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas were -30 or colder, and one unofficial reading was -41!

snow and blue sky

But look what a difference 24 hours makes. This was taken at 11 am today. It had warmed up to about 16 degrees above zero, and the sun was cheerful as Maggie and I took our walk.

Glynis has given me an award... I have to pick it up and share with you. I promise to show you something besides snow tomorrow (probably!)


Sandra said...

You mean it warms up where you live?...sigh...not where I live.
Beautiful scenic pics however, even if I hate the sight of snow and ice...it's just 'cause I'm freezing and won't see the sun for another 6 months, don't take my bitterness personally :)

RNSANE said...

The snow looks so beautiful, Joan, but I wouldn't venture out in that cold. Do you have a fireplace in your home? I'll bet you, Om and Maggie love it if you do!

Admin said...

Snow! I wish to see snow before i leave this world. I am sure it's way too cold that i imagined. Nice pics you've got here Shark.

Ann said...

we've got the cold temperatures but at least we didn't get much more snow over the weekend. Duke and I weren't quite as energetic as you and Maggie :)

vanilla said...

Beautiful; but still, better you than me.

sisko said...

When the snow is so cold and crisp and the air is biting, I love to go out. However, -41 is a bit much.

rainfield61 said...

I cannot imagine, -41!!

I must have be shrunk into a very small piece of meat ball.

Lin said...

It sure looks pretty...but COLD!

Sharkbytes said...

Sandra- Yup, a regular heat wave by the end of the week. We might hit 30 one day, then back to the deep freeze.

Joyie & JP- I wish everyone would get to see snow at least once. It seems so ordinary to us, but it's really interesting!

Ann- poor little Duke would have disappeared in the deep fluff.

vanilla- you've un-aged! Well, Indiana winters are just cold and icy with not enough snow. I'd leave too (but I'd go north, not south!)

Sisko- Yeah... I've only been out in that temp a couple of times.

rainfield- I don't think humans contract quite that much in the cold... but you can try.

Lin- It is awesomely beautiful!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- sorry... I missed you hiding there in plain sight. No fireplace... it would be nice, but we bask in the glow of the TV