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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sea World in the Jack Pine?

"What can I show you today?" I wondered. I tried for snow textures, but the light was too flat. I saw a few mouse tracks, but they could be more clear. And then... I saw...

snow looks like a seal

... an amazing wildlife find for the Great Lakes Region. This visitor can only be explained as the first resident of a new water park. What? You can't find the playful seal? Let me help.

snow looks like a seal

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RNSANE said...

Rats, I didnt win te give away. And I think you're working too hard. With your outline, I did vaguely see the seal but, without your help, I would not. I guess, in my antiquity, I am losing my imagination!

Sisko said...

Don't know why but I saw a dog :)

Secondary Roads said...

I saw a spaniel.

Ann said...

my imagination is on vacation, I wouldn't have seen the seal unless you had pointed it out. Very cool discovery

rainfield61 said...


jeanlivingsimple said...

LOL! I didn't "see" until I clicked to post a comment.HA!

betchai said...

awesome discovery Sharkbytes, thanks for helping us find it.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- your imagination is fine... you just need to be colder to develop snow animal images.

Sisko- I'm not surprised. Was it a boxer?

Chuck- You and Sisko are friends.

Ann- it was "cool" even cold!

rainfield- your smiles mean a lot to me

Jean- it was hiding just to tease you

betchai- I think your aquatic mammal tour helped me find it.

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