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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Worms and Other Insinuating Details

snow worm

You know how those little details just worm themselves into your life and even though they seem so insignificant, the difficulties they cause can be immense?

snow worm

You know how they slime their way into every crevice of your existence like some cold slug, chilling the edges of your soul?

Well, I've had a few snow worms to deal with lately. The largest one has been that the outgo exceeds the income. But, this week, I've started training for a part-time job as a Field Data Collector. I'm working for a company that takes contracts from insurance companies to make drawings and take pictures of properties that need to be insured. It's all great... but also, Josh hasn't had water since Sunday night, and I still have to work on that tomorrow morning. Last night I volunteered at the homeless shelter... all good, but short on sleep. Monday was the paper route. (Well, you've heard how terrible that schedule makes me feel). So, all these little worms are creeping into the time I need for my training.

Meanwhile, I am mourning the loss of freedom that a job ("What, me work?" Maynard G. Krebs) will cause.

I think the only way to deal with the snowworms is to make them visible and rest in the assurance that they will melt. What... you didn't find them? Let me help.

snow worm

... and maybe the way to deal with them is to laugh at them.

snow worm


RNSANE said...

Dearest Joan -

You are certainly taking on a lot but I sure do know about keeping those darn bill collectors away! I don't even answer my phone anymore since the last few months have been really tough, especially with my hospitalization and about $200 extra dollars I had to make in copays and medications, etc. My budget doesn't allow for anything extra!

Don't exhaust yourself, though!! Expecially in this winter weather. You'll end up in need of chicken soup and bed rest!!

rainfield61 said...

I love your snow worms.

I work everyday, I sell more than half of my time to the one who pays me.

You are going to feel it again, after many (?) years.

icedgurl said...

InViTiNg YoU tO TrEK mY SiTe aNd LeAvE SoMe TrAiLs! ThAnK YoU! :]

Secondary Roads said...

love those snow critters!

Ann said...

all the snow must be giving me brain freeze because I wasn't catching on to the snow worm thing until the very end. Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- I really don't have any choice. I can't seem to make enough money doing the things I want to, and I've already cut expenses to little more than food and car insurance. Thanks for the concern

rainfield- well, hopefully we will both survive!

icedgurl- I checked out your blog.. some neat stuff, but also two annoying pop-ups.

Chuck- I bet you have some at your house too!

Ann- those snow worms sneak up on you like that!

Lin said...

I think I like "caterpillars" better--they will transform into spring!

Glad you got a part-time job. Although you may feel restricted at first, you will soon learn the routine and get used to it. And that paycheck helps you get used to it a ton! I'm just glad you found something in this economy.

Thanks for the link to the book giveaway. If anyone is interested, just leave me a comment on one of my posts that you want in and I'll put your name in. I am drawing the name on Sunday night and announcing on Monday.

I'm still waiting on my mom to hand over her copy for me to read!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Lin- the paycheck is going to trump everything for a while! Wrestling with Phyl- do share!

Marilynne said...

I know nothing of snow worms. Thanks for letting me know, but don't send any of them my way.

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