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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Are Those Goofy Pictures?

Here are the "official" answers to the December contest. But, I appreciate the fact that a few people just let their imagination rule for a little while! I think the fact got lost that Rose, of What I Made Today, won the contest, with four correct answers. Her banner is in the sidebar for a month. Congrats!

Other entrants were Ann of Ann's Scrap and Edit with 3 correct, Ken of Adgetize with 3 correct, and also my SIL Loretta entered and Shydub of Simple Happy Life

shredded wood
1. This is the inside of a large hole drilled in a tree by a pileated woodpecker. Some of you read about this in March at The Pileated Pine Project. Guesses included: fungus inside a mouth, bee's nest, car wash mitt with water drops, beautiful moss, carpet.

shredded wood

2. Guesses included: tracks of rabbit that can split in half, tracks of deer with a split personality, tracks of a squirrel, bunny tracks. I was hoping someone might notice how small the tracks were compared to the grass and a shrubby tree. These are mouse tracks. I liked that two of you thought of an animal that can split in two- that was pretty creative! I'll have to show you more mouse tracks in the future.

mouse tracks

paper lantern
3. Guesses included: ice cream cone, tunnel vision, hot air balloon, green house. This was a paper lantern in one of the displays at the Philadelphia Flower Show this year.

paper lantern

shredded wood
4. Most everyone got this one right. It's birch bark. Guess that means it was too easy, eh? Some of you read about this in April at Maggie Says Let's Hike.

shredded wood

fancy beans
1. This was exactly what it looks like- beans. But, some of you read about what they were made into in March at Philadelphia Flower Show Masks. Guesses included: flip flop decorated with beans, alien eyes, beads that look like seeds, beans.

shredded wood

shredded wood

copper pan bottom
6. I loved the guesses for this one! They include: landscape viewed from a hot air balloon, something in winter, ink blot drawing of a cat (entrant assures me no drugs were required to spot this!), Martian landscape. It's actually the almost clean copper bottom of a pan. Not the same picture but I told a related story in October 2008 at Copper Oaks.

copper pan bottom

7. Guesses included: the inside of a Christmas Cactus, peony petal, a rose, and everyone was on the right track. But which one? It's the rose!


8. This is the trickiest one of all. I like Ann's answer best: optical illusion trick picture. I counted that as a correct answer. Other guesses were: black snake, and a secret tunnel to an opossum's lair. Very creative. In reality, it's an amazingly clear reflection of some red cliffs in a small pool surrounded by black rock. The larger picture won't even help you visualize it, so I'll just show you the cliff.


9. This is just a plain old bunny track. At least everyone knew it was a track! Guesses were: track of a rabbit with a heavy tail, Oh NO, Mr. Bill's tracks, rabbit tracks, squirrel tracks, dog paw print. You can see more bunny tracks at Rabbit or Squirrel?

rabbit track

copper statue
1. I wondered if anyone would recognize this patina, and Rose, the winner, did. It's copper. Other guesses were: wall painted with sponges, weathered stone sculpture of Pinocchio (entrant can see nose and eyes), moss growing on tree.

copper statue

This is a picture intensive post. That's enough! See you tomorrow.


RNSANE said...

Good for Rose. I didn't even try so I am totally unworthy. I got a kick out of the guesses, though!

Ratty said...

It's fun to see the results. These are some very interesting pictures. Unfortunately, I'm glad I avoided the contest this time though, because the concentration would have made my head explode. The first picture looks a lot like a fungus that I came across last year. Your explanation of the true identity helps me see it right though. Very fun pictures!

betchai said...

I would have a hard time guessing :( the pictures are very interesting.

Ann said...

With the wacky answers I gave you I'm surprised I managed to get any of them
Good job Rose.

rainfield61 said...

The truths are always very far away from the reality.

What a difficult one.

spinninglovelydays said...

I would have gotten exactly one correctly - the paper lantern.

Lin said...

WOW! Where was I when all of this was going on?? I take a few days off and I feel like I've missed everything. :( Bummer.

Oh--for the record..I got the all correct! ;)

Hee! Hee!

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- you are never unworthy... just busy this month!

Ratty- you take care, and you'll be well enough to play again.

betchai- well, soon you will understand my devious mind, and will want to play.

Ann- I'm so glad you entered... you've been close to a win several times. I'm sure it will be your month soon!

rainfield- I will need to find some insects to whisper the answers to you.

Ivy- that's cool- no one got that one.

Lin- You are just SO smart! Sorry you missed it- I'm sure your answers would have entertained (oh, wait, you got them all right)

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