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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 and Fun

First, 1.1.11. OK, that's fun to say out loud, all by itself. But I decided to make a short video diary of the momentous first day of the new decade. And I learned something new. This is the first time I've used the "narrate the timeline" feature of Windows Movie Maker. The microphone on my computer isn't as good as the one on the camera, but I managed to work with the volume a bit, and I'm content with the results for a first try. Thanks for being my guinea pigs!

Now for the "Fun." OK, the other fun- the contest (link at the end to see the pics again)

Guesses in no particular order
fungus inside a mouth
bee's nest
car wash mitt with water drops
beautiful moss
tracks of rabbit that can split in half
tracks of deer with a split personality
tracks of a squirrel
bunny tracks
ice cream cone
tunnel vision
hot air balloon
green house
birch bark
bark of a tree
flip flop decorated with beans
alien eyes
beads that look like seeds
landscape viewed from a hot air balloon
something in winter
ink blot drawing of a cat (entrant assures me no drugs were required to spot this!)
Martian landscape
the inside of a Christmas Cactus
peony petal
a rose
black snake
a secret tunnel to an opossum's lair
optical illusion trick picture
track of a rabbit with a heavy tail
Oh NO, Mr. Bill's tracks
rabbit tracks
squirrel tracks
dog paw print
wall painted with sponges
weathered stone sculpture of Pinocchio (entrant can see nose and eyes)
moss growing on tree
something with copper in it

And the winner is... (I won't embarrass anyone by revealing who guessed which things)... but one person got four of them right! That person is the creative Rose, of What I Made Today.

I hope you had FUN. See, I don't think anyone should be embarrassed by any guesses, and I think we've all gotten so tense, as adults, about coloring inside the lines, that we are afraid to be silly. Many thanks to those of you who did play along!

Oh, you want the real answers? Come back tomorrow and I will reveal all!

See Contest Day


RNSANE said...

Joan, it was great fun to hear you on the video which was lovely. Such a beautiful sunrise. And it was a special treat to see the deer! I laughed because, you're right, Maggie had no interest in her whatsoever. She was too busy with her tree branch!!!

Loretta said...

I cannot believe all that snow is gone already! Love the deer....

Ann said...

Nice video. Loved seeing the deer run and of course Maggie with her big stick.
The contest was fun even if I was totally off the wall. It's good to just be silly sometimes.

Doug in Missoula said...

Wow. Pretty much impossible to guess all of these correctly. Fun to try though.

spinninglovelydays said...

I missed the deadline. :( I'm really curious about what they actually are, so looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- Thanks! Maggie loves her sticks! Always has.

Loretta- it disappeared in one day

Ann- you did fine! You got 3 of them right- just one off the win.

Doug- Come play again at the end of January- but, who knows what goofy game I'll cook up for that? Thanks for the comment! I do appreciate it.

Ivy- I can't imagine why... you were only doing 110 other things.

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