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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drivewayhenge - Sort Of...



Today was crazy, so I'm showing you something I've been saving. This amazing sunset was January 2. I'm not sure I've ever seen one like that here before.

And I've never tried to track the sun at sunset, in any more than a general matter... that's why this is a "sort of." In the first place, this sunset was almost two weeks after the winter solstice. So the sun can set a little farther to the left in this photo.

Now you have to imagine at least another whole picture width to the right. You can see the trees at the cemetery edge, and then growing in the foreground is the hill with the big white pines. Just at the north edge of the pines... and also sliding through the seasons to June (ok, it was in 2001, but some June), and here is another amazing sunset.


But I was standing in about the same location for each picture... just off the porch, in the driveway.

It's not clear to me yet what impact this job will have on blogging. For sure, I will be keeping up My Quality Day, but I think some of the others will have to take a rest for a while.


Julia said...

Amazing picture! I've my own blogging time issues too!! Good luck. Seriously.

rainfield61 said...

I have the feeling:

The sun burns in the evening, but it is so gentle in the morning.

Ann said...

Got my name in for that giveaway Lin is having and keeping my fingers crossed :)
What a gorgeous sunset. I never really get to see them where I am. Too much in the way.

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- it's nice to see you when you do have time to pop over. Take care!

rainfield- I hadn't thought of that, but it can seem that way. It's always a "cold" sunlight in the winter anyway.

Ann- I get to thinking that they are too common to use for a post, but then people like you remind me that you don't get to see them, and it makes me feel better about posting "just a sunset."

Secondary Roads said...

I love those dramatic photos.

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I know... every sunset should feel like a blessing, but the dramatic ones always do.

RNSANE said...

As I begin packing up my belongings and prepare to move, my blogging will be less frequent. I hope folks will bear with me. I am sure your loyal followers will always be with you, Joan,especially when you show us incredible photographs like these sunsets!

I hope you will enjoy the work and that it doesn't take you from all of the other things that you love.

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