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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Walk to the River

Maggie and I went for a walk from the house down to the river this afternoon. I hunted hard in places where wildflowers like to grow, and I found some! The key word there is "some." There should be lots by May 1, but things are beginning to show up.

Here is a composite of three different violets. Except for the solid blue ones, you are seeing every single one that I saw.

photo label

With all the water this week, the river is high. I love this view of it. This is actually a backwater area. When the water is down this is an area where I can walk. The main channel of the river is the farthest back bit of water that you can see. If I had taken a video, you could see that portion is moving quickly while the water nearer to me is quiet. It's not the exact same spot, but you can compare it to the views in "A Quiet Backwater." Pere Marquette River

Finally, I got more than I bargained for on this one! I found one, yes ONE, trout lily (dog-tooth violet, adder's tongue) in bloom. As I was taking the picture I realized that there was some sort of little fly on the flower. But look! When I got home and looked at the picture, I actually caught two flies in the act of ensuring that there will be many more little flies. I have no idea which fly it is. trout lily with mating flies

See A Quiet Backwater


Duxbury Ramblers said...

The Erythronium is one we only see in the garden here but what a find - I love it and the bonus of a fly to ID :)

rainfield61 said...

These are signs of spring!!!

Ann said...

The flies don't seem to be one bit embarrassed that you caught them...lol
It's nice to start seeing those signs of spring. I'm seeing more and more every day

vanilla said...

Excellent! Loving a little nature in the springtime.

Artsy Twilight said...

Wow, more and more color everyday. I guess your winter is finally over. I don't think I've seen violets other than those growing in pots.

betchai said...

oh, how i wish I can walk to the river right now, miss my childhood days, where I can run to the river and feel its therapeutic power whenever I wanted to cry or celebrate.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Oh, I love trout lilies! Violets too. And is that skunk cabbage growing at the water's edge? Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

ciptoaryono said...

nice post…i read your post first time i am really impress…i share this with my friends on my website…thanks

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- Ah- A nice flower that is native here, but not for you. We should see lots of it blooming quite soon.

rainfield- I think we are getting there! Are Ratty and I training you in how to gauge the North American seasons?

Ann- finally! I'm thinking I'll need to get the mower going pretty soon.

vanilla- I couldn't believe how early spring came when I lived in Indiana. But we appreciate it more here, when we've waited so long!

Ivy- interestingly, if you are referring to African violets, they aren't violets at all!

betchai- it IS a place like that.

Rose- yes and yes. It is the skunk cabbage, already showing its big leaves. I didn't post its close picture, because I've featured it a couple of times.

ciptoaryono- thanks for stopping by.